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Images in DNG with a File artifact format are not showing in generated RPE report



Images from DOORS Next Generation (DNG) module that have a File artifact format are not showing in report generated from Rational Publishing Engine (RPE)


Images that have a File format are known as wrapped resources. Since they do not use the Diagram file format that was introduced in DNG 6.0.4, this means that RPE templates that need to pull these wrapped resources need additional configuration.

Resolving The Problem

You need to modify your template file to include a new container that can pull these wrapped resources. Here are the steps to add the new Wrapped Resources container:

  1. Since wrapped resources only exist in the resources data source schema, add it to the template from the Data > Add Data Source... menu option in Document Studio.

    Note: The URL to place in the Schema field would be:
  2. Set a condition on the new container so that it only pulls data for wrapped resources. This is done using the script expression below where the format value comes from the dataSource/artifact/moduleContext/contextBinding query in the resources data source schema:
    format == "WrapperResource"

  3. Configure a dynamic data source as outlined below:

    i. In the Data section (under Properties), set the Target data source to the new resources data source schema while the Inherited data configuration should be set to the existing modules data source schema.

    ii. In the Dynamic configuration section (also under Properties), the URI field should use the script expression below that comes from the dataSource/artifact/moduleContext/contextBinding query:

  4. Add two containers within the new Wrapped Resources container. The first container sets the context for the query using dataSource/artifact from the new _resources data source schema. The second container has two main elements:

    i. A condition using the wrappedResourceImageURI value from the dataSource/artifact query with the following script expression:
    wrappedResourceImageURI.indexOf( "/wrappedResources/") != -1

    ii. An Image template element that uses the wrappedResourceImageURI from dataSource/artifact query as its Data Expression.

Once the Wrapped Resources container has been added using the steps above, the missing images should be shown in the output document generated from RPE.

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17 June 2018