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ihsdiag: Utility package for capturing IBM HTTP Server diagnostic information



This diagnostic tools package can be used to capture information needed by IBM Support to debug and resolve various issues with IBM HTTP Server for WebSphere Application Server or Edge Caching Proxy

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The IBM HTTP Server diagnostic tools package contains the following for all levels of IBM HTTP Server on all systems:

  • Diagnostic tools for gathering information on problem symptoms, including child process crashes, hang conditions, high CPU conditions, and startup failures.
    Note: The executable collectors in the package can also be used with Edge Caching Proxy

To view ihsdiag documentation (such as information for configuring IBM HTTP Server and the operating system for problem determination, performance tuning information, or Q & A), refer to the documents located at:


Installation of a version of IBM HTTP Server or Edge Caching Proxy supported by ihsdiag.

Installation Instructions

Install this ihsdiag package on the system with IBM HTTP Server or Edge Caching Proxy. You can also install ihsdiag on a personal workstation in order to view the enclosed documentation, or you can view the documentation from an IBM web site.

Note:  The Apache-based web server distributed on the IBM I operating system is not supported by this tool.

Invocation Instructions
The Java components of ihsdiag must be run under an IBM Java runtime of 1.4.2 or later. IBM HTTP Server 6.0.2 and later bundles a compatible Java runtime, so it is is suggested to invoke the java bundled by IBM HTTP Server instead of the java command found first in your path.

For information on using this diagnostic tools package for IBM HTTP Server issues (crashes, hangs, high CPU, startup failures), refer to this document and follow the links appropriate for your operating system and symptom:

[{"DNLabel":"UNIX ihsdiag V1.4.30.tar.gz","DNDate":"16 Aug 2021","DNLang":"US English","DNSize":"4623890 B","DNPlat":{"label":"AIX","code":"PF002"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":"","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"Windows ihsdiag V1.4.30 ZIP ","DNDate":"16 Aug 2021","DNLang":"US English","DNSize":"4630476 B","DNPlat":{"label":"Windows","code":"PF033"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":"","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"z/OS ihsdiag V1.4.30 (tar only)","DNDate":"26 May 2022","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"3803648 B","DNPlat":{"label":"z/OS","code":"PF035"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":"","DDURL":null}]

Technical Support

Follow instructions to send diagnostic information to IBM support .

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11 July 2022