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"Idle timer expired" message when using Controller-on-Cloud, if user does not press keyboard or mouse for over 30 minutes



User launches Controller on cloud. After a while, the user takes a break (for example, goes to lunch). User returns to their PC. A message is on the screen.



Idle timer expired

Session has been idle over its time limit.

It will be disconnected in 2 minutes.

Press any key now to continue session.


User has not pressed a key (on their keyboard) or moved their mouse inside the Controller Citrix session, for a length of time longer than the timeout value (30 minutes).


More Information:

By default, Controller-on-Cloud 10.3.1 Citrix servers are configured to have a Microsoft/Citrix remote session 'active but idle' timeout of 30 minutes.

- If this value is exceeded (the user has not used their keyboard/mouse inside the Controller program), then users will see the message

Soon afterwards, the user's session will become 'disconnected'.

- This means that it will continue to run (in the background, on the IBM Cloud servers) but the user will not see it on their screen.

- If the user then re-launches Controller then they will 'reconnect' with that existing/disconnected session, so the user will be able to carry on (in the system) from the same state (as they left it, when it was disconnected) with no loss of work/data.

Resolving The Problem


This is by design.


More Information

IBM Cloud have deliberately implemented this for security reasons. The idle timeout has been enabled because of Security assessments and GDPR rules.

  • IBM Cloud will not allow these GPOs to be removed/changed modified
  • Therefore it is not possible to either (a) disable the timeout or (b) increase the timeout value.



There are several methods:


Method #1:

If the end user sees the message, they must click 'OK' (to acknowledge the message) then carry on with work.


Method #2:

If the user did not see the message, then their session will have been logged off. Therefore they will need to:

  • Re-logon to the Citrix website
  • Re-launch the Controller icon.

By doing this, they will reconnect to their old/disconnected session (and not lose any work).

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12 October 2021