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ID08: WebSphere Message Broker - Enterprise Exception Handling Pattern



This SupportPac provides a pattern and tools to centralize exception reporting throughout the organization for analysis, troubleshooting and data rectification.

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The Enterprise Exception Handling pattern is to provide a universally accepted method of reporting exceptions in the organization that may be analyzed. Application and system exceptions are reported in a non-standard manner throughout the organization and often reported in logs that are distributed across every node in the subsystem. Hence, the pattern addresses the standardization and centralization of system-wide exceptions.

The pattern looks into the following concepts for the realization of the process:
• Standardization of the Exception format
• Exception reporting through the ESB
• Integration with the Monitoring System
• Centralization and Statistical Analysis of Exceptions
• Testing Exceptions Conditions

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Engage IBM to provide knowledge and expertise on the Enterprise Exception Handling (EEH) framework for your organization:
• EEH Workshop
• EEH Strategy and Planning
• EEH Implementation
• EEH Extensibility

Possible Uses
Centralised exception handling and standardisation thereof for the entire organization and analysis of exceptions.

New in this Release
• Core EEH improvements.
• More Samples added.
• Eclipse-based EEH Database Editor.
• Ajax-based Web Analyzer.

More details on all the new features are listed below:

What’s new in Enterprise Exception Handling Pattern version 1.0.0:
• Message expiry and the expired queue can be set for the Exception Catalog.
• A description for the Exception Catalog is added to the schema.
• Exception Catalog may be property file based where XML parsing is an issue.
• Database table prefix may be provided (schema, catalog, etc.) to prefix table names.
• Centralized logging.
• Static linking of exception catalog using getExcCatInfo() generated from excutil.
• Static loading of exception catalogs using EEH_SETUP environment variable.
• EEH debug mode may be set from the environment variable , EEH_DEBUG.
• Catalog registration with the EEH installation provides centralized management.
• Catalog setup options added – setupRegisteredCatalogs(), setupCatalogs().
• AppId = "*" may be set in the Exception Catalog when used by multiple applications.
• setAppId() API added for individual applications to set their id.
• FileNotifier plugin sample added for exchd INotifier plug-in.
• EEH Editor, an eclipse-based plug-in is provider for configuration, administration and analysis and re-queuing of exception data.
• EEH Web Analyzer provides functionality to browse exceptions in the database and re-queuing of exception data.

Skill Level Required
• Basic WebSphere MQ knowledge
• Basic Database knowledge

Author: Arunava Majumdar (Chicago), Vineet Gupta (Gurgaon, India)
Category: 1 (raised from category 2 November 2011)
Released: 23Jun09
Last updated: 01May12 (as Category 1)
Current SupportPac Version: 1.0.0
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• IBM WebSphere MQ 7.0+
• Java 1.5 +
• JDBC 4 Complient Database (Derby, DB2 9.7, Solid DB 6.5)
• Eclipse base 3.2.2+
• IBM WebSphere Message Broker 6.1+ (optional)

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Installation Instructions

Unzip to any directory and set the EEH_PATH environment variable to the directory. Make sure that the following WMQ 7.0 Java libraries are in the CLASSPATH:


The Web Analyzer is packaged as EEH.war in the web directory.
The EEH Editor is packaged as an eclipse site in the eclipse site directory.

For more details on installation procedures please refer to the EEH – Getting Started Guide.pdf

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15 June 2018