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IBM XIV Mobile Dashboard for Android and iOS version with Push Notifications is now available!

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IBM XIV Mobile Dashboard is a free application that provides simple, flexible, comprehensive monitoring capabilities for IBM XIV Storage systems.


Now in version Storage Administrators can receive Push Notifications regarding Major and Critical events straight to their mobile phones.

Download now:
For iOS Devices (iPhone and iPad): AppStore
For Android Devices (Phones only): Google Play Store

Storage administrators may use this application to securely check on their XIV systems health status, the current capacity utilization of the system, 
as well as gain immediate access to real time performance metrics, including IOPs, bandwidth and latency. Performance data is available for the entire box, 
as well as for individual hosts and volumes, allowing great visibility into how system resources are currently being utilized.
To access the IBM XIV System monitoring data, simply provide your storage administration credentials to login to your system over a Wi-Fi or 3G link. 
Swipe between the various app screens to monitor overall system performance and capacity utilization, as well as Volumes or Hosts live performance metrics. 
Expand the data for a Volume or a Host by tapping on its line, to see detailed performance graph for this individual element.
Key features of the IBM XIV Mobile Dashboard app include:
★ Secure access to the IBM XIV Storage system using an SSL connection over Wi-Fi or 3G link
★ Monitoring an XIV system overall health status (full redundancy, rebuild progress, maintenance, etc.)
★ Monitoring system capacity utilization (Soft, Hard, Used)
★ Multi-system dashboard - Monitor multiple XIV systems
★ Multi-system aggregation - IOPS/Bandwidth/Capacity and multi-system views
★ Monitoring live events
★ Overall system performance metrics, including IOPs, bandwidth and latency
★ Granular data showing performance metrics for individual volumes or hosts
★ Live graphs showing any performance metric over recent time, for either the entire system or for an individual volume or host
★ Live performance table for either volumes or hosts, sortable by any metric for easy detection of top performers
★ Push notifications - storage Administrators can receive push notifications about major or critical events in their XIV systems straight to a mobile device (push notifications are enabled by default on your device)
★ Auto-login to the system
★ Domain aware
For controlling push notifications preferences and permissions, the XIV GUI version 4.4 (or higher) must be used.

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