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IBM WebSphere Customization Tools V7.0 for Windows



IBM WebSphere Customization Tools Version 7.0 can be installed on a workstation running the Windows or Linux Intel operating system.

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IBM WebSphere Customization Tools are provided for the following:

  • Application Server
  • Feature Packs

Supported Windows Releases:
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Windows 7 Ultimate

Supported WebSphere Application Server Versions:
This version of WebSphere Customization Tools can be used to configure WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V7.0. The contained Profile Management Tool can also be used to configure WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V6.1.

You can install the most current release of WebSphere Customization Tools Version 7.0 on a workstation running a Windows or a Linux Intel operating system so that you can use the Profile Management Tool and the z/OS Migration Management Tool to generate the jobs and instructions for creating and migrating profiles. The WebSphere Customization Tools (WCT) contain the following tools for customizing WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V7.0:
  • Profile Management Tool (z/OS only)
  • z/OS Migration Management Tool

Known issues with WebSphere Customization Tools
  • When creating the customization jobs for a cell definition, if "Use a z/OS security product" on the Administrative Security Selection panel is selected and "Enable Writable SAF Keyring support" is selected on the following panel, the necessary RACF statements for writable SAF keyring support are not generated in the resulting customization jobs. The work around is to create your cell using the management - deployment manager and application server customization jobs and then federate your application server.
  • The "Augment" button may not work for customization locations that contain Japanese characters in the path name. The work around is to create customization locations with path names that do not contain Japanese characters.
  • WCT Version is the minimum fix pack level of the tool to use when hosted on Windows 7 operating system. The warning message about the operating system not being supported may be safely ignored during the installation of the tool on Windows 7 operating system.

Change history

22 July 2013Updated for launch of version
24 Sep 2012Updated for launch of version
28 May 2012Updated for launch of version
12 Sep 2011Updated for launch of version
16 May 2011Updated for launch of version
28 Feb 2011Updated for launch of version
26 Oct 2010Updated for launch of version
18 Jun 2010Updated for launch of version
15 Jan 2010Updated for launch of version
02 Oct 2009Updated for launch of version
27 Jul 2009Updated for launch of version
27 Mar 2009Updated for launch of version
08 Dec 2008Updated for launch of version
26 Sep 2008Original draft published for Version 7.0

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the archive file.

  2. Extract the files from the archive to create the installation image.

  3. Go to the \WCT\ directory of the disk or installation image.

  4. Run the install.exe file. Follow the prompts until completion.

[{"INLabel":"Profile Management Tool (z\/OS only)","INLang":"US English","INSize":"1000","INURL":"http:\/\/\/webapp\/wsbroker\/redirect?version=compass&product=was-nd-zos&topic=tins_confpmt"},{"INLabel":"z\/OS Migration Management Tool","INLang":"US English","INSize":"1000","INURL":"http:\/\/\/webapp\/wsbroker\/redirect?version=compass&product=was-nd-zos&topic=tmig_zmmt_usemmt"},{"INLabel":"Introducing the WCT","INLang":"US English","INSize":"1000","INURL":"http:\/\/\/support\/techdocs\/atsmastr.nsf\/WebIndex\/PRS3357"},{"INLabel":"Configuration Planning Spreadsheets","INLang":"US English","INSize":"1000","INURL":"http:\/\/\/support\/techdocs\/atsmastr.nsf\/WebIndex\/PRS3341"},{"INLabel":"Migrating to WebSphere z\/OS V7","INLang":"US English","INSize":"1000","INURL":"http:\/\/\/support\/techdocs\/atsmastr.nsf\/WebIndex\/wp101329"}]
[{"DNLabel":"Windows","DNDate":"2013-07-22","DNLang":"US English","DNSize":"144515072","DNPlat":{"label":"z\/OS","code":"PF035"},"DNURL":"ftp:\/\/\/software\/websphere\/appserv\/support\/tools\/WCT\/7.0.x\/","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":"http:\/\/;sw_websphere;appserv\/support\/tools\/WCT\/7.0.x\/"}]
[{"Product":{"code":"SS7K4U","label":"WebSphere Application Server for z\/OS"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU004","label":"Hybrid Cloud"},"Component":"Install","Platform":[{"code":"PF035","label":"z\/OS"}],"Version":"7.0;6.1","Edition":""}]

Problems (APARS) fixed
[<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PK72390;PK72693;PK72695;PK72694;PK72829;PK72844;PK71786[<br>] [<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PK73337;PK74472;PK74989;PK75092;PK76542;PK76902;PK79128[<br>] [<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PK75245;PK81365;PK83372;PK83437;PK83899;PK84830;PK86934[<br>] [<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PK86404;PK87449;PK90892[<br>][<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PK93637;PK94663;PK97764;PK98624[<br>][<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PM05067;PM05744;PM08958;PM10454[<br>][<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PM12309;PM13704;PM14512[<br>][<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PM20800;PM22483[<br>][<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PM28401[<br>][<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PM33245;PM40720[<br>][<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PM43373[<br>][<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PM61388[<br>][<b>]Fixes provided in[</b>] PM84372;PM85303

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20 July 2018