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IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 customers who are considering the purchase of an extended support contract and plan to upgrade to at least WebSphere Commerce V9 before the end of the extended support period, IBM offers a special discount for the extended support fee. This article explains the V7 extended support coverage, conditions and some other helpful information.


Extended Support Period: From May 1, 2020 to Dec 30, 2021.


You are on WebSphere Commerce V7 and are considering the purchase of an extended support contract. For V7 customers who plan to upgrade to WebSphere Commerce V9 (or later, if available) before the end of the extended support period, IBM offers a special discount for the extended support fee. The extended support fee is typically a percentage of the general Subscription and Support ("S&S") fee.

Support scope:

  • IBM provides extended support for technical issues that are related to the product code on all WebSphere Commerce V7 releases

  • To obtain new code changes or fixes, V7 customers need to be on the latest fix pack (FP) of the following feature pack (FEP) levels:

  • FEP8 + FP9 + latest cumulative fixes (CF).

  • FEP7+ FP9 + latest cumulative fixes (CF).

  • FEP6 + FP9 + latest cumulative fixes (CF).


  • IBM requires V7 customers upgrade to the latest WebSphere Commerce V7 release and one of the latest FEP levels (Feature Pack 6, 7 or 8) with Fix Pack 9.

  • IBM requires upgrading to WAS V8.5.5 and leveraging Java 8 in order to receive Extended Support for IBM WebSphere Commerce V7.

Obtaining code fixes on extended support:

If you plan to purchase extended support of WebSphere Commerce V7 and will be applying code fixes during the extended support period, but you are running on a level without code fix guarantee, you can follow guides in the IBM Knowledge Center to upgrade to the minimum level for which IBM delivers code fixes. To upgrade to the minimum level, you need to complete the following tasks:

1. Install Feature Pack 6. 7 or 8 with Fix Pack 9. Contact IBM Support if you are on an earlier Feature Pack.

2. Enable the features by running the enableFeature script:

3. Migrate any Management Center customization to the new FEP level:

4. Migrate search from the previous FEP level to the FEP6 or later search model:


  • Upgrade to WebSphere Commerce V9 or later. By upgrading to a newer version, you gain full support and the latest feature enhancements.

  • As an alternative, purchase a subscription to IBM Digital Commerce, which is a multi-tenant SaaS e-commerce solution. Depending on your site requirements, IBM Digital Commerce may be an alternative e-commerce solution for your organization.

Further questions?

Contact your IBM account team for further questions or more specific information.

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