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IBM TS3100 Tape Library and TS3200 Tape Library Setup, Operator, and Service Guide

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The IBM TS3100 Tape Library (2U library) and the IBM TS3200 Tape Library (4U library) provide compact, high-capacity, low-cost solutions for simple, unattended data backup. The 4U library houses up to 48 tape cartridges (or 45 and an elective 3-slot I/O station) in a compact 4U form factor with easy access to cartridges by way of four removable magazines. The 2U library houses up to 24 tape cartridges (or 23 and an elective 1-slot I/O station) in a compact 2U form factor with easy access to cartridges by way of two removable magazines.

The seventh generation of the Ultrium series of products is available with interfaces to suit your needs: a Fibre Channel interface (FC), or Serial Attached SCSI interface (SAS), for 2U and 4U libraries.

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23 October 2015

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17 June 2018