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IBM Trace and Request Analyzer for WebSphere Application Server

How To


IBM Trace and Request Analyzer for WebSphere Application Server is a tool that detects delays and hangs in WebSphere trace.


  1. Download:
  2. Open a terminal or command prompt and change directory to where you downloaded the JAR file.
  3. Ensure that Java is on your PATH to run the tool.
  4. Launch the tool:
    java -Xmx1g -jar tra*.jar

Additional Information

WebSphere Application Server trace is used to obtain detailed information about running components, including application servers, clients, and other processes in the environment, such as the time and sequence of methods called by base classes.
IBM Trace and Request Analyzer for WebSphere Application Server allows you to find delays and possible hangs from WebSphere trace files  by parsing call trees of methods and traces and calculating delays in each method and trace.
The package includes a Java graphical user interface (GUI) application that displays delays in lists and tables.
The tool can be used on an "as needed" basis, as follows:
  • The user defines and puts in the threshold in order to find delays in trace longer than the threshold.
  • The tool reads WebSphere Application Server trace files .
  • The tool parses method call tree, time stamp, process ID, thread ID, trace entry, trace exit, method entry and method exit information according to the following steps:
    • The user customizes the parsing information, if desired.
    • The tool calculates actual times spent in each method and trace.
    • The tool finds delays longer than the threshold.
    • The tool sorts the delay list by delay time.
    • The tool displays a list of delays and trace entries on the GUI.
This tool is provided as is without any warranty or support; however, we try to fix and enhance the tool as time permits. The tool was originally created by Jinwoo Hwang. Since Mr. Hwang's departure from IBM, the tool is maintained as time permits by Kevin Grigorenko (

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20 November 2019