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Improve the health of your DFSMShsm environment

IBM® Tivoli® Advanced Reporting and Management for DFSMShsm (TARM) helps keep your HSM environment free of errors and inefficiencies that can cause outages, data losses, or waste money. It zooms in on problems so they can quickly be corrected and alerts you when key HSM backups are not in place. It shows tradeoffs needed to optimize performance and reduce costs. When you need to do maintenance on key control data sets (CDS), you can keep HSM online, so you don’t need to take an outage. Tivoli Advanced Reporting and Management for DFSMShsm provides the management reporting needed to know what’s going on inside this critical subsystem.

IBM Tivoli Advanced Reporting for DFSMShsm and IBM® Tivoli® Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm™ work together to help organizations facilitate a healthy DFSMShsm environment and provide reliability, scalability, and availability with vital components of the IBM z/OS® storage management portfolio.


Reduce data risk Know the status of scheduled tasks for HSM data backup and migration including missed volumes and errors that might put data at risk. Backup and recover as needed.
Gain critical data insights Gain a complete view into your DFSMShsm environment. Learn what HSM workloads cost the most money and resource, and how to optimize for cost and performance, eliminating data thrashing.
Avoid maintenance downtime Perform needed maintenance on critical HSM Control Data Sets (CDS) while keeping HSM in operation, preventing outages that might affect critical applications.

Tivoli Advanced Reporting & Management for DFSMShsm features

Use reports to verify the health of your DFSMShsm subsystem DFSMShsm is usually one of the bigger workloads on your z/OS® system, so maintaining health and efficiency is critically important. Easily collect and display critical information to determine what work DFSMShsm is doing, and the status of that work. Zoom in on problems and take corrective action before issues occur. Drill down to analyze areas of concern and run 'what-if' scenarios. Hierarchical storage management (HSM) health reports ensure that resource allocations are assigned correctly.
Reduce data exposure and DFSMShsm inefficiencies Reduce data risks, exposure, and corruption by fine-tuning your DFSMShsm environment. Reveal unnecessary workloads to reduce costs. Report on scheduled tasks to ensure expected work runs to completion and identify DFSMShsm-managed data that is wasting resources either “data set thrashing” or static data kept in active storage.
Backup and recover data sets by using SRECOVER You can recover data sets from either an active DFSMShsm or retained backup copy. The SRECOVER function works in a stand-alone mode outside of IBM® Tivoli® Advanced Reporting and Management for DFSMShsm.
Automate reporting and analysis Automate resource allocations and data migration. Create custom reports by filtering specific data and by using zoom options to drill down. Report on current and historical information for comparison and analysis, with either online or batch processing options for larger reports.
Simplify administration Maintain and Reorganize Control Data Sets (CDSs) without shutting down DFSMShsm. Automatically issue commands to correct errors, filter by using specific criteria with both default and customizable command options.
Track trends and manage resources Automatically create charts, graphs with trending reports on space analysis and resource utilization for better storage management.

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