IBM Technical Advisors

IBM Technical Advisor

Storage and Spectrum Protect/Protect Plus software
IBM Technical Advisors are consultants who partner with IBM Sales teams, Business Partners, and IBM Support to ensure each client receives the best possible experience with their IBM storage and Spectrum Protect products. As an experienced consultant, the TA establishes a valuable relationship with each client as a trusted partner with valuable technical expertise. The TA facilitates access to other IBM experts to improve the reliability and availability of their client's IT ecosystem and brings benefit to future projects.  Contact us at:
Installation Assurance

First impressions are important! The TA conducts a “welcome call” with the client and works with IBM Support Engineers and the client to ensure each product is installed with the recommended licensed internal code or software level, Call Home is enabled, IBM Storage Insights is set up, and My Support Notifications are turned on.  For new deployments of Spectrum Protect/Protect Plus, the TA will review installation plan, and validate blueprint.

Software Currency

The TA significantly reduces the operational risk to the client's environment through proactive notifications of known issues, as well as providing expert recommendations regarding currency of licensed internal code or software updates that may need to be installed and prioritized. The TA documents a change plan identifying the “what, why, when, who, and how” of each planned update to ensure its successful completion and shares the plan during discussions with the client.

Client Advocacy

During critical situations the TA advocates for the client within IBM support teams. The TA uses their knowledge of the client’s environment and expertise to assist the combined IBM teams to a timely resolution. When necessary, the TA may brief and coordinate resources regarding the root cause analysis, necessary IBM steps, and suggest client mitigation, if appropriate.

Best Practices

The TA blends insight of product function and the client’s operating environment with their specialized knowledge to deliver best practices advice that makes a difference, assists to optimize the usage of product functionality, and reduces operational risks.

Storage products covered by IBM Technical Advisors
Technical Advisors are included at no charge as part of IBM Enterprise Class Support (ECS) with the following products during the product warranty period:
  • FlashSystem 9100, 3-year warranty (M/T: 9848)
  • FlashSystem 9200 and 9200R, 3-year warranty (M/T: 9848)
  • SAN Volume Controller (SVC), 3-year warranty (M/T: 2147)
Technical Advisors are included as part of the fee-based Enterprise Class Support offering from IBM Technical Support Services (TSS) for:
  • FlashSystem 7200 (MT: 2076)
Technical Advisors are included at no charge for the following products during the product warranty period.
  • IBM DS8880, 2,3,4-year warranty (M/T: 2832/3/4 and 5332/3/4)
  • IBM DS8900F, 2,3,4-year warranty (M/T: 5332/3/4)
Technical Advisors continue to provide coverage until product warranty end for the following products that are no longer being marketed by IBM or its Business Partners:
  • FlashSystem V9000, 3-year warranty (M/T: 9848)
  • FlashSystem A9000/R, 3-year warranty (M/T: 9837/8)
  • FlashSystem 900: TA Coverage will end after the first year of a 3-year warranty machine type (M/T: 9843)

Technical Advisor consulting may be purchased for any IBM Storage product from IBM Technical Support Services (TSS) or from IBM Systems Lab Services.

Technical Advisor coverage is NOT provided as part of any maintenance extension offering by TSS. Any extension of TA coverage must be purchased separately via a contract from TSS.

To inquire about obtaining TA consulting services, or for other inquiries related to TA, email us at: