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IBM System Storage N series Data ONTAP 7.3 Storage Management Guide (Japanese)

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This document describes how to configure, operate, and manage the storage resources for IBM® System Storage™ N series storage systems that run the Data ONTAP® 7.3 release family software. It covers disks, RAID groups, plexes, and aggregates, and how file systems, or volumes, and qtrees are used to organize and manage data.

The PDF file on this page is the Japanese language version.


This guide contains the following topics:

  • Data ONTAP storage architecture overview
  • How Data ONTAP works with disks
  • How disk ownership works
  • Managing disk ownership
  • Managing disks
  • Managing storage subsystems
  • How Data ONTAP uses RAID to protect your data and data availability
  • Customizing the size of your RAID groups
  • Controlling the impact of RAID operations on system performance
  • How aggregates work
  • Managing aggregates
  • How volumes work
  • About FlexClone® volumes
  • About FlexCache volumes
  • General volume operations
  • FlexVol® volume operations
  • FlexClone volume operations
  • FlexCache volume operations
  • Traditional volume operations
  • How space management works
  • How aggregate overcommitment works
  • About qtrees
  • Managing qtrees
  • Managing CIFS oplocks
  • Changing security styles
  • About quotas
  • Managing quotas

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IBM System Storage N series Data ONTAP 7.3 Storage Management Guide (Japanese)

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Modified date:
17 June 2018