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IBM System Planning Tool for POWER processor-based systems

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IBM System Planning Tool for POWER processor-based systems

Models supported

The SPT can be used to plan logical partition solutions for:

  • IBM Power Systems
  • IBM System p
  • IBM System i
  • IBM eServer p5
  • IBM eServer i5
  • IBM Open Power
  • IBM iSeries 8xx and 270 model

Plan and design the system configuration

The System Planning Tool (SPT) helps you design a system to fit your needs. You can use the SPT to design a logically partitioned system or you can use the SPT to design an unpartitioned system. You can create an entirely new system configuration, or you can create a system configuration based upon any of the following:

  • Performance data from an existing system that the new system is to replace
  • Performance estimates that anticipates future workloads that you must support
  • Sample systems that you can customize to fit your needs

Integration between the SPT and both the Workload Estimator (WLE) and IBM Performance Management (PM) allows you to create a system that is based upon performance and capacity data from an existing system or that is based on new workloads that you specify.

You can use the SPT before you order a system to determine what you must order to support your workload. You can also use the SPT to determine how you can partition a system that you already have.


Use the SPT to plan and design the configuration. If configuring initial order systems, use the "Prepare for sales configuration" option to create a .cfr file that may be used as input into the marketing configurator (eConfig). Withdrawn features/products and MES/Upgrade configurations are not supported by this path and should not be included in your configuration. The printed output (report) totals from the tool may also be used for manual input into the configurator. Verify the SPT totals equal the configurator totals prior to ordering your system.

Micro-Partitioning and logical partitioning implementations can require specific adapter and DASD in slot placement to optimize your server configuration. Without using this offering, placement is accommodated by moving adapters and DASD after your new server is shipped. IBM will place these adapters and DASD in the slots you specify. In addition, components can be placed in the rack locations you specify as your server is built. This offering can help reduce implementation time and cost. For more information refer to the CSP & LPAR Delivery website.

Deploy system plans

After you have designed your system in SPT, you can save your system-plan file (.sysplan) and import it into a Hardware Management Console (HMC 6.1.2 or later) or Integrated Virtualization Manager ( or later). You can then deploy the system plan to one or more systems. System plan deployment delivers the following benefits to you:

  • You can use a system plan to partition a system and, in some cases, install select operating environments without having to re-enter the information that you already entered into the System Planning Tool (SPT). This saves time and reduces the possibility of error.
  • You can easily review the systems within the system plan as necessary.
  • You can deploy multiple, identical systems almost as easily as a single system.

You can archive the system plan as a permanent electronic record of the systems that you create.

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Delivering industry-leading virtualization on IBM Power™ processor-based systems.

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