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The IBM Spectrum Protect Cloud Blueprints provide detailed guidance about implementing an IBM Spectrum Protect server with cloud computing resources that store data in object storage.  You can use the configurations as starting points to deploy a large, medium, small, or extra-small system, as defined in the IBM Spectrum Protect Blueprints. With the goal of achieving a target daily ingestion rate (corresponding to a large, medium, small, or extra-small deployment), configuration possibilities are offered so that you can get a sense of the relative CPU, memory, disk, and network capabilities that are needed to satisfy requirements. For IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services, step-by-step commands for block storage setup and instance configuration are provided.

Tip: This technote is the new hosting site for the IBM Spectrum Protect Cloud Blueprints. The latest Blueprint documentation and tools are available here. The Blueprints are also available at the previous location in the IBM Spectrum Protect wiki, but that site is no longer updated.

IBM Spectrum Protect Cloud Blueprints are available for the following service providers:

  • IBM Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft® Azure


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What's new in the V1.2 release

  • Introduced an extra-small cloud Blueprint for IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure
  • Revised cloud computing guidelines for Amazon Web Services
  • Revised cloud computing guidelines for Microsoft Azure
  • Provided a more in-depth discussion of "direct-to-cloud" versus "disk-to-cloud tiering" architectures and the reasons to choose either method
  • Updated disk and object storage benchmarking sections and attached benchmark tooling

What's new in the V1.1 release

  • A new Blueprint for IBM Spectrum Protect deployments in the IBM Cloud

What's new in the V1.0 release

  • Initial release covering deployment guidelines with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

Blueprint documentation


When you size an IBM Spectrum Protect solution that uses cloud storage, it is important to determine the data ingestion throughput capability of the cloud-container storage pool. The following two characteristics factor into this capability:

  • The input/output operations per second (IOPS) of the cloud-container storage pool accelerator disk cache
  • The throughput performance of the object storage system and network that support the cloud-container storage pool

Both of these characteristics must meet performance thresholds to optimize the data ingestion capability of the cloud-container storage pool.

Tools are available to help you with sizing and benchmarking so that you can configure an optimal IBM Spectrum Protect solution. The following document explains how to use the tools provided within the "Cloud benchmarking tools" package to benchmark your environment:

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30 January 2020