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IBM Spectrum Control V5.2.16 (March 2018)



Version 5.2.16 contains new features, APAR fixes, and currency support for IBM® Spectrum Control™.

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What's New in 5.2.16?

IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.9 and higher include enhancements that might require new certificates for resources that are managed by CIM agents. These resources are typically Brocade switches and non-IBM storage systems. Until new certificates are generated, IBM Spectrum Control will be unable to monitor those resources. The changes starting with IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.9 might also affect connections to older levels of IBM System Storage® DS8000 storage systems. For more information, go to:

  • Use the GNU tar program (1.14 or higher) rather than the native AIX tar program to extract files from the IBM Spectrum Control installation images. The AIX tar program can truncate long file names, which may cause errors with the IBM Spectrum Control application.


IBM Spectrum Control V5.2.16 can be applied as a new installation or as an upgrade to IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.x or Tivoli Storage Productivity Center 5.1.1.x and 5.2.x. If you are applying this as an upgrade, your existing license will be transferred. If you are doing a new installation, a license is required and is included on Passport Advantage® Online.

Installation Instructions

To prepare for an upgrade or new installation:

    • Review the 5.2.16 limitations and known issues for IBM Spectrum Control technote prior to applying this release. It contains last-minute information and changes that could not be included in the final product documentation.
    • If you are applying this as an upgrade, review the upgrade procedures in the IBM Spectrum Control Knowledge Center.
    • For a new installation, review the new installation procedures in the IBM Spectrum Control Knowledge Center.

Download Package

To download the packages for a desired operating system, follow the link below and select the package you desire.

Verify the checksum values for the downloaded files.

[{"Product":{"code":"SS5R93","label":"IBM Spectrum Control"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU058","label":"IBM Infrastructure w\/TPS"},"Component":"--","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"5.2.16","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB26","label":"Storage"}},{"Product":{"code":"SS5R93","label":"IBM Spectrum Control"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU058","label":"IBM Infrastructure w\/TPS"},"Component":" ","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"5.2.8;5.2.9;5.2.10;5.2.11;5.2.12;5.2.13;5.2.14;5.2.15;5.2.16","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB26","label":"Storage"}}]

Problems (APARS) fixed
IT23065 ;IT23227 ;IT23287 ;IT23462 ;IT18634 ;IT19190 ;IT19751 ;IT21272 ;IT21382 ;IT21427 ;IT22010 ;IT22463 ;IT22712 ;IT23089 ;IT23111 ;IT23200 ;IT23203 ;IT23236 ;IT23239 ;IT23271 ;IT23276 ;IT23283 ;IT23289 ;IT23316 ;IT23422 ;IT23453 ;IT23479 ;IT23497 ;IT23499 ;IT23500 ;IT23526 ;IT23615 ;IT23660 ;IT23665 ;IT23697 ;IT23707 ;IT23732 ;IT23778 ;IT23779 ;IT24075 ;IT24064 ;IT23871 ;IT23340 ;IT23872 ;IT24163 ;IT24164 ;IT24206 ;IT23125 IT20020 IT20344 IT21002 IT21271 IT21313 IT21393 IT21594 IT21647 IT21655 IT21901 IT22018 IT22128 IT22198 IT22212 IT22331 IT22379 IT22424 IT22457 IT22492 IT22496 IT22721 IT22917 IT19014 IT20885 IT21126 IT16953 IT19423 IT19630 IT19540 IT19641 IT19691 IT19749 IT19754 IT19823 IT19903 IT19929 IT19930 IT19955 IT19975 IT20058 IT20081 IT20092 IT20181 IT20184 IT20211 IT20227 IT20239 IT20295 IT20343 IT20374 IT20399 IT20489 IT20544 IT20587 IT20646 IT20701 IT20740 IT20819 IT20905 IT20971 IT21026 IT21101 IT21102 IT21104 IT21316 IT21426 IT21494 IT21507 IT21518 IT21633 IT20655 IT20653 IT20654 IC93070 IC94754 IC95726 IC96010 IC96200 IC96237 IC96499 IC96513 IC96619 IC97119 IC97183 IC97224 IC97237 IC97267 IC97375 IC97412 IC97534 IC97692 IC97695 IC97867 IC97899 IC98140 IC98211 IC98251 IC98279 IC98387 IC98405 IC98439 IC98453 IC98506 IC98590 IC98626 IC98628 IC98660 IC98757 IC98823 IC98834 IC98845 IC98854 IC98893 IC98945 IC99017 IC99067 IC99176 IC99193 IC99199 IC99266 IC99309 IC99311 IC99392 IC99399 IC99438 IC99496 IC99534 IC99541 IC99724 IC99759 IC99760 IC99834 IC99962 IT00211 IT00338 IT00485 IT00606 IT00688 IT00776 IT01423 IT01620 IT01622 IT01816 IT01850 IT01874 IT02076 IT02140 IT03331 IT03734 IC99742 IT00809 IT01752 IT01913 IT02257 IT03075 IC97892 IT00281 IT00664 IT00965 IT01067 IT01069 IT01149 IT01218 IT01668 IT01682 IT01781 IT01926 IT01974 IT02115 IT02153 IT02396 IT02451 IT02500 IT02529 IT02657 IT02714 IT02738 IT02747 IT03083 IT03169 IT03343 IT03380 IT00734 IT01323 IT01408 IT01684 IT01806 IT02332 IT02926 IT02997 IT03060 IT03214 IT03219 IT03277 IT03287 IT03288 IT03342 IT03408 IT03518 IT03521 IT03555 IT03578 IT03606 IT03759 IT03788 IT03790 IT03796 IT03831 IT03850 IT03858 IT03866 IT03898 IT04149 IT04200 IT04268 IT04424 IT04425 IT04512 IT04578 IT04591 IT04741 IT04852 IT05159 IT03552 IT04241 IT04260 IT04379 IT04516 IT04552 IT04704 IT04735 IT04807 IT04912 IT04939 IT04986 IT05017 IT05022 IT05107 IT05144 IT05166 IT05197 IT05263 IT05308 IT05368 IT05447 IT05448 IT05474 IT05476 IT05487 IT05489 IT05516 IT05517 IT05552 IT05586 IT05599 IT05615 IT05659 IT05660 IT05687 IT05717 IT05731 IT05871 IT05873 IT05923 IT06024 IT06045 IT06056 IT06064 IT06075 IT06103 IT06142 IT06147 IT06260 IT06342 IT06436 IT06503 IT06506 IT06538 IT06917 IT07135 IT07314 IT05350 IT05681 IT05350 IT05681 IT05705 IT06100 IT06326 IT06352 IT06497 IT06508 IT06525 IT06528 IT06760 IT06784 IT06787 IT06809 IT06947 IT06956 IT06957 IT06990 IT07124 IT07160 IT07509 IT07511 IT07566 IT07636 IT07671 IT07712 IT07884 IT07885 IT07977 IT08076 IT08131 IT08143 IT08189 IT08315 IT08318 IT08366 IT08434 IT08465 IT08469 IT08485 IT08682 IT08762 IT08886 IT06368 IT06772 IT06843 IT07129 IT07853 IT05705 IT07702 IT07799 IT07839 IT08066 IT08091 IT08103 IT08148 IT08222 IT08423 IT08486 IT08603 IT08693 IT08821 IT08916 IT09048 IT09055 IT09091 IT09197 IT09237 IT09276 IT09289 IT09388 IT09401 IT09402 IT09422 IT09532 IT09588 IT09594 IT09640 IT09754 IT09826 IT09834 IT09877 IT09898 IT10159 IT10364 IT10466 IT10634 IT10804 IT10906 IT10948 IT11016 IT11780 IT07200 IT07307 IT08827 IT08832 IT09387 IT09550 IT09553 IT09560 IT09591 IT09601 IT09628 IT09716 IT09757 IT09805 IT09933 IT10044 IT10067 IT10068 IT10150 IT10167 IT10360 IT10382 IT10461 IT10462 IT10500 IT10656 IT10658 IT10744 IT10867 IT10869 IT10923 IT10935 IT10971 IT11019 IT11050 IT11068 IT11132 IT11247 IT11268 IT11331 IT11433 IT11498 IT11539 IT11541 IT11569 IT11641 IT11701 IT11730 IT11743 IT11744 IT11822 IT11944 IT11964 IT12190 IT09387 IT09975 IT10346 IT10803 IT11056 IT11234 IT11270 IT12178 IT12591 PI47288 IT11134 IT11602 IT11699 IT11845 IT12191 IT12194 IT12205 IT12265 IT12593 IT12723 IT12842 IT12895 IT12947 IT13000 IT13053 IT13073 IT13094 IT13144 IT13207 IT13214 IT13227 IT13445 IT13708 IT13797 IT13955 IT13956 IT11342 IT11921 IT11922 IT12222 IT12638 IT12692 IT12872 IT13112 IT13116 IT13122 IT13190 IT13215 IT13579 IT13684 IT13794 IT14010 IT14023 IT14175 IT14253 IT14263 IT14294 IT14313 IT14379 IT14400 IT14481 IT14482 IT14489 IT14617 IT14727 IT14730 IT14758 IT14771 IT14788 IT14803 IT14860 IT14913 IT15009 IT15118 IT15332 IT15392 IT13978 IT15885 IT15918 IT15932 IT13971 IT13978 IT14097 IT14221 IT14395 IT14473IT14474 IT14679 IT14684 IT14889 IT14942 IT14966 IT15017 IT15021 IT15192 IT15268 IT15329 IT15429 IT15563 IT15572 IT15591 IT15640 IT15685 IT15798 IT15814 IT15838 IT15839 IT15858 IT15873 IT15885 IT15918 IT15932 IT15950 IT16164 IT16212 IT16311 IT16328 IT16452 IT16542 IT16543 IT16544 IT16545 IT14937 IT15263 IT15501 IT15547 IT15666 IT15692 IT15716 IT16105 IT16166 IT16317 IT16343 IT16404 IT16459 IT16476 IT16483 IT16521 IT16559 IT16635 IT16677 IT16768 IT16800 IT16847 IT16863 IT16879 IT16913 IT16920 IT17013 IT17037 IT17048 IT17074 IT17113 IT17114 IT17161 IT17164 IT17181 IT17240 IT17308 IT17376 IT17420 IT17473 IT17517 IT17559 IT17681 IT17701 IT17776 IT17780 IT17892 IT15583 IT16838 IT17713 IT17766 IT18166 IT15582 IT18103 IT16491 IT16586 IT16752 IT16845 IT17079 IT17239 IT17298 IT17315 IT17335 IT17355 IT17440 IT17463 IT17491 IT17493 IT17495 IT17510 IT17511 IT17574 IT17598 IT17608 IT17663 IT17677 IT17678 IT17684 IT17688 IT17735 IT17743 IT17752 IT17803 IT17959 IT18041 IT18065 IT18071 IT18183 IT18257 IT18278 IT18284 IT18325 IT18338 IT18349 IT18350 IT18369 IT18452 IT18470 IT18472 IT18559 IT18794 IT18795 IT18921 IT18968 IT18990 IT20204 IT16327 IT16013 IT16306 IT16834 IT17088 IT17608 IT17842 IT17890 IT18018 IT18075 IT18255 IT18326 IT18348 IT18360 IT18364 IT18458 IT18493 IT18564 IT18615 IT18712 IT18808 IT18893 IT19048 IT19060 IT19068 IT19110 IT19118 IT19146 IT19219 IT19357 IT19407 IT19434 IT19450 IT19494 IT19567 IT19583 IT19616 IT19922 IT20190 IT20318 IT18780 IT20389

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