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This document explains IBM Software versioning.


Software product versioning is based on IBM Version, Release, Modification and Fix (V.R.M.F.) or (V.M.F.) based on the principles of Semantic Versioning (SemVer) as outlined by the table below.
Numbered V.R.M.F. Numbered V.M.F. Description
V - Version   (
R - Release  (
V - Version  (7.0.0)
  • V Identifies/indicates a significant architectural change, significant new code, new function or separate IBM licensed program.
  • V Marks the start of a new lifecycle.

  • V.R. Identifies a Release within the version(V).  May indicate  new code, new function or new features.
  • V.R. Marks the start of a new lifecycle.
M - Modification  ( M - Modification  (7.1.0)
  • A refresh also referred to as a Mod Pack or Refresh Pack.
  • Can include new functionality.
  • Maintenance roll-up of Fixes.
  • Does NOT start a new lifecycle.
F - Fixes ( F - Fixes  (7.1.1)
  • Includes fixes to defects and security vulnerabilities
  • Are cumulative. Includes all prior fixes earlier in 'F' versions for specific Version, Release or Mod. For example contains 7.0.01 plus new fixes.
  • Does not contain new function
  • Does NOT start a new lifecycle.

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