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The IBM Softcopy Reader is an online documentation reader and organizer made up of two programs, the Book Reader and the Bookshelf Organizer.

Download Description

Book Reader allows you to open softcopy books created with one of the IBM BookManager® Build programs. You can: view, search and navigate through books, create notes, and copy and print text. Shelf Organizer allows you to specify the location (paths) of all of the books, PDFs (for use with extended shelves) , and shelves you want to view or search. You can specify the paths of the books, PDFs (for use with extended shelves), and shelves on any storage devices that can be attached to your system.

Starting with Softcopy Reader V3.6, Shelf Organizer supports Quick Searching indexed extended shelves of PDFs, and interracts with V1.3 (or higher) of the IBM Advanced Linguistic Search Plug-in for Adobe to automatically apply the search criteria to any PDFs selected from the hitlist, displaying a ranked list of topic hits and highlighted results within that PDF, for any topics selected from the topic hitlist.

Support for IBM Softcopy Reader is via e-mail at
The IBM Softcopy Reader download file contains both the Book Reader and the Shelf Organizer applications.  Both of these applications are installed/uninstalled in tandem.
See section 'Download package' below to download IBM Softcopy Reader V4.0


  • One of the following operating systems: Windows®  10, Windows®  7  or Windows®  XP (with a minimum of Service Pak 3 installed)
  • 1GB RAM for Windows 10 or Windows 7 ; 512MB of RAM for Windows XP
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package MFC Security Update (KB2538242, MS11-025) 

[{"PRLabel":"Microsoft VC++ Redistributable Pkg. MFC Security Update","PRLang":"US English","PRSize":"2707352","PRPlat":{"label":"Windows","code":"PF033"},"PRURL":""}]

Installation Instructions

Note:  Before installing IBM Softcopy Reader V4.0, or greater, on Windows , please uninstall any existing version of IBM Softcopy Reader that is prior to V3.8.

Note: Softcopy Reader V4.0 or greater is required for support

Before you begin your installation, close any running instances of the IBM Softcopy Reader.  

 - Click on Download Softcopy Reader self-extracting file. The Save As window will open.  Select a drive and folder on your system to download the executable Softcopy Reader installation file (ilrjava.exe), then click Save.  
 - The Softcopy Reader file will be downloaded to this drive and folder on your system. 
 - Click on the Windows Start button. The Start menu should appear.  
 - Select the Run option. The Run window should appear.  
 - In the Run window, click on Browse. When the Browse window opens, select the drive and folder where you saved the file, then highlight the ilrjava.exe file and click on Open. The correct path to the ilrjava.exe file should be displayed in the Run window. 
 - Click on OK and follow the instructions in the Installation dialogs. 
 - During installation, you will be asked to specify the location (paths) to books, shelves and bookshelf indexes. If upgrading from a prior version, you will have the opportunity to preserve your existing path definitions and other preferences. 
 - During installation, you will be asked to select the default directory shown in the window to save any notes you create in the books, or specify your own directory.  Select a directory the user has write access to.
 - During installation, you will be asked to specify the directory of your Web Browser to be your default Browser to open URL links with in books.  
 - During installation, you will be asked whether you want Softcopy Reader to be your default handler for BookManager Book and Shelf files.  Typically, your answer should be Yes. 
 - When installation is complete, icons for the Book Reader and Shelf Organizer were placed on your desktop.  You can start using Book Reader and Shelf Organizer. It is not normally necessary to reboot your system.

Special Notes:

  • Since Softcopy Reader is built with the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update (KB2538242, Security Bulletin MS11-025), all target client systems require the same update. The current download site is at  A direct link to the required x86 version of the package file to be downloaded and run is provided in the Prerequisites section above. 
  • An administrator userid should not be necessary when installing or running Softcopy Reader V4.0, or greater.
  • Generally, Softcopy Reader V4.0 can be run on either Windows 10 32-bit or Windows 10 64-bit systems. See Release Notes for details.

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