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The IBM Softcopy Librarian provides you with the ability to manage PDFs, BookManager® softcopy books, and shelves you receive from IBM and from other companies.

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The Softcopy Librarian lets you set up and maintain PDF and BookManager book repositories using a variety of sources. You can obtain and transfer shelves of books and shelves of PDFs from:
CD collections, the IBM PUBLIB Web site, or from a local hard disk.

Note: In general, using the Internet to obtain books from IBM might be slower than using CDs. We recommend that you use the IBM CD-ROM collections for the normal quarterly refreshes, and use the Internet only for updating your repositories between quarters with latest releases or a few critically important bookshelves.

The Softcopy Librarian keeps a catalog of all the book, PDF, and shelf files that you send to your repository from any level of a CD, from your local hard drive, or from the IBM PUBLIB Web site. When a new level of a bookshelf arrives, on a new CD or at the PUBLIB Web site, the SoftCopy Librarian compares it and its contents with the catalog and shows you whether it's brand new or whether it's changed since the last level you received. You now have a way to see at a glance which shelves on a CD or at the PUBLIB Web site are currently in your repository.

Support for IBM Softcopy Librarian is via e-mail at

IBM Softcopy Reader is required to read BookManager books. You can download Softcopy Reader from the following site:


Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista at Service Pak 2 or greater, Windows XP at Service Pak 3 or greater.

Installation Instructions

Download the file and run the executable ebrsclwj.exe.

V4.3 or later is required for support on Microsoft Windows Vista.
V4.4 or later is required for support on Microsoft Windows 7.
V4.6 is the successor to V4.4 (there is no V4.5)

In IBM Softcopy Librarian V4.3 and later, the sources.fil and repository.fil, now reside in the output directory.
On Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista the default directory for these files is:
x:\Users\<User ID>\AppData\Roaming\IBM\ibm softcopy librarian\output
where x is the drive where the 'Users' directory is installed by Windows.

Special Notes:

  • When running Softcopy Librarian V4.4, for certain image installations of Windows Vista and Windows 7 it may be necessary to create a secondary administrator userid under which to install and run Softcopy Librarian. Specifically, this is required if the primary administrator userid being used does not have its own entry in the c:\Users\ directory tree. A secondary administrator userid should never be necessary when running Softcopy Librarian V4.6, or greater.
  • Generally, Softcopy Librarian V4.4, or greater, can be run on either Windows 7 32-bit or Windows 7 64-bit systems, however if launching the packaged JAR file (instead of the standard Softcopy Librarian executable) from a Windows 7 64-bit system, it is important to note that only 32-bit Java is supported. If 64-bit Java is inadvertently used to launch the JAR file (usually as the result of the PATH environment variable setting) certain dll compatibility errors will prevent Softcopy Librarian from running.

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15 June 2018