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IBM Security Information Queue Starter Kit



This Starter Kit contains the YAML files, setup scripts, readme files, and doc links required to download and configure IBM Security Verify Information Queue v10.0.1.

Installation Instructions

Extract the contents of the file specified in "Download Package". Review <starterKitDir>/Readme.txt and the following IBM Security Verify Information Queue (ISIQ) documentation links to help you set up and manage ISIQ:
  1. As a convenience, the various ISIQ guides are also available in PDF format in the <starterKitDir>/docs directory. However, the PDFs are only as current as the Starter Kit .zip file. We suggest that you use the documentation links because the online copies are updated with fix pack recommendations and other important information obtained since the v10.0.1 eGA date.
  2. You can find more ISIQ resources, including how-to videos, a best practices deployment checklist, and an FAQ in this Box folder:

To download ISIQ's images from Docker Hub, run the following command:

<starterKitDir>/isiq setup

The `isiq setup` script downloads the product images and also initializes ISIQ security. For more information, see "Summary of Installation & Configuration Steps" in the ISIQ Deployment Guide.

To verify that the images you downloaded match the images that IBM uploaded to Docker Hub, run the following command:
docker images --digests
Here are the digest strings you should see for ISIQ images that have a TAG of "10.0.1":
ibmcom/isiq-products  sha256:011da1be35a97790d369953eb5dc7cca37ff025196f1f56d11540bb73cf183af
ibmcom/isiq-connect    sha256:6d5e915a2c9d6336642dad4d7f4f06643c21b28167447e1ea826d64b05d66a84
ibmcom/isiq-web-app   sha256:e6373ec25ead2f27109c97c782c90aff8196fd0905939c2ee8784c10d6294f0d
ibmcom/isiq-rest          sha256:0736becced388202f4468a6fda7a1e740f5af5f766329f9aece7bcca76658853
ibmcom/isiq-metrics    sha256:b8035fdd9c5d1f69bd7efa534b9849d6b31ef3351924a31ece91e0696b67870c
ISIQ also offers optional tools for validating ISIM-IGI integration, and for migrating from ISIGADI to ISIQ. The tools run in a Security Directory Integrator (SDI) docker container. To obtain the tools, extract the contents of the isiq-sdi-tool .zip file specified in "Download Package". For more information, refer to README.txt and README.migrate.txt located inside the .zip file. If you download the latest ISIQ SDI image from Docker Hub, here is the digest string you should see:
scharle/isiqbeta             sha256:3b8d2099d432dacdc36dd231ef00f88dab6c735906e349fb52f30cc7176c8c38

Download Package

ISIQ product:
ISIQ-SDI-Tool (latest version)

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU008","label":"Security"},"Product":{"code":"SSCMMF","label":"IBM Security Information Queue"},"Component":"ISIQ","Platform":[{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"}],"Version":"All Versions","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}}]

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09 August 2021