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Flexible connections to your data storage. Consistent data security across your enterprise.
TOMORROW:  Dec 17, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (ET)
Join us for an interactive session to learn how Guardium Data Protection can be used to manage a proactive data security program across hybrid multi-cloud environments.  With its modern, flexible and scalable platform, Guardium allows enterprises to proactively safeguard their data with effective security and compliance controls.

The three-hour tech workshop includes:
  • IBM Security Guardium Data Protection overview, including new features of the latest release, v11.3.
  • Monitoring options: Guardium Universal Connectors, External S-TAP and API Streaming
  • Overview and deep-dive with security experts
  • Live Q&A throughout

What's New in Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager 4.1 (formerly Security Key Lifecycle Manager)
When:  Jan 12, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

Join us for Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager (formerly Security Key Lifecycle Manager, or SKLM) 4.1 containerized environments technical session.
Learn from the experts how the new features in GKLM 4.1 will enhance your organizations security posture and make key management easier!
Speakers for this session will be:
Shiv Jha
Test Lead, SKLM
Rinkesh Bansal
Dev and Release Manager, Encryption & Key Management
Jesse Sedler
Offering Manager, Encryption & Key Management

In this session, experts from the IBM Security Guardium Offering Management and Product Marketing teams will explore how Guardium solutions are tailor made to protect data across the modern IT landscape.
Speakers for this session:

Michael Saldarriaga
Product Marketing Manager
IBM Security
Rajesh Venkatasubbu
Offering Manager
IBM Security
Ryan Schwartz
Product Marketing Manager
IBM Security Guardium

What's New in Guardium V11.3
When: January  27, 2021
More information coming in January

Tech Day: Guardium for zOS
When: January  28, 2021
More information coming in January

For a complete listing of all Guardium upcoming virtual events, go to Guardium User Community site.

Join the Guardium Virtual Users Group

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The Guardium Virtual Users Group (VUG) meets monthly by teleconference to present information on topics and to discuss all things Guardium.
Join today and meet online with users like you.

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Check out the latest Guardium courses in the Security Learning Academy


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