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What are my main responsibilities as a Guardium administrator?


The attached document lists the main responsibilities of a Guardium administrator. This document is focussed on 'established' environments, meaning activities such as install and upgrade are not covered. The guide was written to cover version 9.1, 9.5 and 10 but the majority of the content applies to all versions of the product.

To maintain a healthy environment you should consider or implement all the points in the document. The guide is not exhaustive and it references:

  • Chapters in the Guardium Deployment Guide, highlighted in red. Although the Deployment Guide was written for v9.1, the concepts referenced apply to later versions.
  • Documentation and technotes via hyperlinks.

Guardium Administrator Responsibilities Guide v2.pdfGuardium Administrator Responsibilities Guide v2.pdf

Over time additions may be made. Always check this technote for the latest version.

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27 April 2021