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Generations of IBMers have earned the trust of our customers and society through responsible data stewardship. IBM was one of the first companies to appoint a Chief Privacy Officer and an early leader in developing and adopting initiatives such as the EU Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Service Providers, the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules, the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework and EU Standard Contractual Clauses. IBM's recently updated Data Processing Addendum provides a globally consistent base of data processing terms for all clients across all offerings, further simplifying compliance with privacy laws in all geographies in which IBM operates

As IBM Chief Privacy Officer, I direct the company’s privacy vision and compliance strategy and oversee our privacy and AI ethics programs. My mission is to help IBM maintain the trust of our customers through open, transparent and explainable privacy practices, while ushering new technologies into the world responsibly and with clear purpose.

—Christina Montgomery, VP, IBM Chief Privacy Officer

IBM Privacy Policies & Principles

IBM Privacy Statement

Describes IBM's privacy practices as they apply to Personal Information we collect, use and share.

Data Privacy Policy

Sets forth the general principles that apply to the processing of Personal Information by IBM, including the principle of Privacy by Design.

IBM Principles for Trust and Transparency

Core principles for handling customer data and insights, and building trust in AI and emerging technologies.

IBM Controller Binding Corporate Rules for your Personal Information

IBM uses Binding Corporate Rules in order to protect your personal data that it controls. These rules set out IBM's data privacy principles, as well as describing what Personal Information IBM may collect and what it will do with your business Personal Information.

IBM Controller Binding Corporate Rules for employees

IBM uses Binding Corporate Rules in order to protect personal data that it controls. This set of rules describe what Personal Information IBM may collect on its employees during the application, recruitment and on-boarding processes as applicable.

IBM Corporate Responsibility Reports

Demonstrates IBM’s achievements to further the foundation of trust and responsibility.

IBM Privacy Portal

The IBM Privacy Portal puts you in control of the information IBM has about you, allowing you to access and correct the information and to set or update your marketing communication preferences.

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IBM's Law Enforcement Requests Transparency Report

At IBM, we have always been, and remain, firmly committed to the responsible stewardship of data entrusted to us by our clients. IBM’s Law Enforcement Requests Transparency Report accounts for inquiries we receive from law enforcement agencies regarding data and the steps we take to protect the integrity of their information. Starting in 2021, reports will be published every 6 months.

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IBM Privacy Products and Services

IBM's Unified Privacy Framework (UPF)

Learn how IBM’s Chief Privacy Office is implementing proactive regulatory compliance and improving automation with AI and intelligent governance workflows.

IBM Data Privacy Services

Services to help you govern your data gathering and management to reduce risk and meet global privacy goals.

Promontory Regulatory Advisory Services

Promontory, an IBM Company, provides expertise to help you navigate business strategy and regulatory complexity.

Security strategy, risk and compliance services

Services to help you evaluate your existing security governance against your business challenges, requirements, and objectives.

IBM Data Security Services

Transform your cybersecurity strategy with IBM Data Security Services.

Accelerate your data privacy and protection journey

Prepare for the GDPR, the CCPA and other data privacy regulations.


Learn about the 5-phase IBM GDPR framework designed to help you reduce risk and incidents.

Prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Embrace CCPA to enhance consumer trust and drive digital transformation.