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IBM MustGather: Collecting data for Guardium STAP

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If there is a problem with the Guardium S-TAP, what information do I send IBM Support?


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Review these resources.

Security Learning Academy: Collecting a guard diag

IBM Docs: MustGather for Windows S-TAP

IBM Docs: MustGather for UNIX S-TAP

Exchanging Information with IBM Support

All Guardium STAP bundles include a diag script to collect data for IBM Support. This tool can be executed remotely from the GUI of the collector from the STAP Control view. Locate the STAP, select the "Send Command" icon, then choose "Run Diagnostics". S-TAP uploads the results to the collector, which can be downloaded from the Support Information Results view in the collector's GUI.


Debug Levels

0 - only critical error information
1 - all above plus repeatable not critical error information
2 - all above plus lost data information (discontinued)
3 - all above plus brief information about packets sent to Guardium
4 - all above plus local sniffing log
5 - all above plus network sniffing log
6 - all above plus heartbeat receiving log
7 - all above plus miscellaneous debugging information 

If the S-TAP is not listed in STAP Control or if the results never appear in Support Information Results, follow the instructions in IBM Docs to run the scripts directly on the DB host where S-TAP is installed.

NOTE: For newer Windows S-TAP, the script output is in a .zip file under <STAP install dir>\zipTmp, not under <STAP install dir>\diag.

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28 February 2023