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What's new with IBM Maximo Visual Inspection

Enterprise-grade suite of tools for labeling raw datasets for training, creating, and deploying deep learning-based vision models

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection 1.3.0


IBM Maximo Visual Inspection, formerly PowerAI Vision, is a video/image analysis platform that offers built-in deep learning models that learn to analyze images and video streams for classification and object detection.

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection includes tools and interfaces that allow anyone with limited skills in deep learning technologies to get up and running quickly and easily. And because IBM Visual Insights is built on open source frameworks for modeling and managing containers it delivers a highly available platform that includes application life-cycle support, centralized management and monitoring, and support from IBM.

What's new?

IBM PowerAI Vision is now IBM Maximo Visual Inspection

To accommodate the diversity of infrastructures used for AI solutions, IBM has expanded support of its award-winning software beyond POWER architectures to include Intel platforms. To avoid confusion in the marketplace, IBM PowerAI Vision has been renamed IBM Maximo Visual Inspection. In addition to its current functions, IBM Maximo Visual Inspection 1.3.0 now offers:

  • Support on x86-based servers with GPUs for training and inference
  • Availability on IBM Cloud as a client-managed service

In addition:

  • The installation location has changed from /opt/powerai-vision to an IBM standard location: /opt/ibm/vision
  • Runtime tools have removed powerai- from the tool names. For example,
  • Runtime Docker container and Kubernetes pod names have removed powerai- from the name

Technology updates and features

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection 1.3.0 builds upon previous releases of PowerAI Vision, and includes the following updates and features:

  • Platform support expanded:
    • Training and Inference on x86 servers with Nvidia GPU acceleration. Full feature parity – model support and function.
    • Inference Server support parity on x86. Support for SSD object detection model deployment.
    • IBM Cloud beta deployment.
  • Enhanced post-processing support: Automatic population of data set with inference results.
  • Update of User Interface: IBM Carbon X - improved support for tablet format.
  • Improved handling of phone images: EXIF processing/rotation on image load.

For all the details, see the What’s New topic in the IBM Knowledge Center.

Key features

Give it a try

IIBM Maximo Visual Inspection code patterns, tutorials, and learning paths

Check out these real world examples and tutorials that highlight IBM Maximo Visual Inspection in action.

Requesting enhancements for IBM Maximo Visual Inspection

The IBM Request for Enhancement (RFE) tool is now available for you to submit formal enhancement requests to the IBM Maximo Visual Inspection development team. One of the benefits of using the RFE tool is that other clients can vote on submitted requirements, which helps IBM to prioritize requests.

Get started

Go here get started:

The RFE for IBM Visual Insights pages are part of IBM Developer and require that you sign in with an IBM ID to submit or vote on a request. You should make sure that your IBM ID profile includes your current company and your email address to ensure that we can contact you if we have questions.

Search first

Once on the RFE page, click on the “Search” tab to view existing requests before you submit a new request. It is much more useful to vote for a previously submitted request than to submit a duplicate request.

Previous releases

We recommend that you install the most current release of IBM Maximo Visual Inspection, however, if you have an earlier version of PowerAI Vision installed, you can find release information in the IBM Knowledge Center: