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IBM Maximo Mobile Products. What's What?

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IBM Maximo Mobile Products. What's What?


Maximo provides a range of mobile products for you to choose from!  Each solution provides an extensive suite of features .  You can use any one or any combination of these mobile products for your unique business and user needs.

These solutions provide Maximo users the ability to work from a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet

Maximo Everyplace

Maximo Everyplace has been a critical mobile product within the Maximo portfolio for over 10 years.   Everyplace enables Maximo applications – like Work Order Tracking – to display on a mobile device.  Everyplace requires connectivity to the Maximo application server – either WIFI or cellular.

With Everyplace, your users can access any existing Maximo application on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device without installing anything on the devices.  These applications can be customized using Maximo’s  Application Designer meet the unique size requirements of your selected mobile devices.

Maximo Everyplace is included with no additional licensing or fees starting with Maximo 7.6.


Maximo Anywhere

Maximo Anywhere provides role based feature sets via applications that function in connected and disconnected environments.   Anywhere delivers 9 different applications across Work, Asset and Inventory Management.   These applications can be rapidly deployed via downloads from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. 

With the Anywhere mobile apps, mobile workers can work online and offline. When the worker is online, the app is connected to the server, and data is synchronized in real time. When the worker is offline, the app is disconnected from the server but remains operational. The worker can continue to work with secure data collections that are stored on the device. Data is synchronized when connectivity is restored.

Utilizing configurable user interfaces, mobile users can quickly view, interact with and enter critical Maximo information in Anywhere.  Additionally, it provides an extensive suite of features including

- Supports a wide range of mobile devices, and Apple, Android and Windows OS

- Leverages device-specific capabilities including voice-to-text, camera, bar codes  

-  Enables regulatory compliance thru validations and electronic signatures

- Provides on-line manuals, detailed diagrams and job plans

- Captures critical data as work is being performed to avoid data quality issues

- Streamlines business processes via 3 map integration options

-  Provides features to configure the user interface to meet business and user needs via queries, split panes and more

- Supplies critical industry specific functionality including Calibration work management, Incident Reporter for HS&E, and Operator Rounds for Nuclear.

Additional details on Maximo Anywhere can be found here

Maximo Work Centers

Maximo Work Centers provide a simplified, responsive view of work for key Maximo user roles.   From work technician, supervisor, inspector, business analyst and more – work centers display content responsively on a desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Maximo Work Centers vary from Maximo Anywhere in that they require a browser, connected experience.  Anywhere provides Maximo features and functionality in applications which can be utilized in connected and disconnected modes.

By using Work Centers, you can access system data and complete tasks without opening multiple applications. You can use tools to complete specific tasks such as creating a service request, designing data sets for business analysis, or creating inspection forms.

Work Centers are included within Maximo with no additional licensing or fees.

Additional details on Maximo Work centers can be found here

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