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IBM Kenexa Prove It! On Cloud: Installing Java for Windows and Apple OS



How to Install Java for Windows and Apple Operating Systems

Resolving The Problem

The issue you are experiencing may be caused by Java, which is a program required to run some of our assessments and tutorials. You may not have the most current version of Java or you have multiple version conflicting with one another. Below are troubleshooting steps for both Windows and Apple operating systems.

You will need to access the assessments from a computer and please use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox version 51 and below or Firefox ESR 52, as these are the support browsers for the testing site. Unfortunately, our Java based assessments are not compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (dark blue E icon w/out gold halo) or Mozilla Firefox version 52.

Check Firefox Version

Before we can start the troubleshooting steps, please safely log out of your session. If you require assistance with this, please follow the link provided below.

Safely Exit the Assessment

For assistance with installing or enabling Java on your computer, please follow the instructions provided for your operating system.

Windows Operating System

Apple Operating System

Have you already installed Java and are still experiencing an issue? If so, please click here.

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17 June 2018