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IBM Kenexa Prove It! On Cloud: Enable Java in Safari for Mac



How to Enable Java in the Safari web-browser for Apple OS

Resolving The Problem

  • Click on Safari.
  • Choose Preferences.
  • Click on the Security Tab.
  • Place a check-mark next to Enable JavaScript and Allow Plug-ins.
    • Note: Earlier versions of Safari will require a check-mark next to Enable Plug-ins, Enable Java, and Enable Java Script.
  • If using Mac 10.12.4 please complete the following steps:
    • Next to internet plug-ins click on the Plug-in Settings button.
    • Select your latest Java update.
    • Ensure that both and have the “on” status.
    • At the bottom of the window, select Ask for the When Visiting other websites section.
    • Click on Done.
  • Close completely out of your web-browser to apply these changes.

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Document Information

Modified date:
17 June 2018