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IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7 fix list

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Summary of fixes included in the IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7 release.


This document contains a list of Information Server 11.7 fixes completed after Information Server service pack 2 shipped and before the cutoff date for 11.7. All fixes that were in the base 11.5 release (and prior releases) as well as fix pack plus service pack 2 are also included in the base 11.7 release so those fixes are not duplicated in this list. The set of 11.5.x fixes can be viewed in the following separate documents:
InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.5 fix list
InfoSphere Information Server, Version fix list
InfoSphere Information Server, Version fix list
InfoSphere Information Server Service Pack 1 & 2 Fix List

*Fixes that have an asterisk after the Fix ID may require post-install steps to activate. Please refer to the following document for details on how to activate those fixes:
InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7 fixes that require post-installation steps
APAR Description
JR47075 Informix CLI stage is not fetching the details correctly when used with Informix CSDK 4.10
JR48014 Server job in Informix CLI stage fails if the table identifier contains set as substring in an update statement.
JR53717 DB2 Connector not displaying reject records correctly
JR54187 Add support for Oracle variant 12 in DRS Connector
JR54700 Bulk metadata import from DB2 z/OS via IMAM using DB2 Connector fails to import accelerated-only tables.
JR56633 Add proxy support in the Amazon S3 Connector
*JR56654 File Connector jobs fail to run when only engine tier is installed on the server
JR57147 Certification of Cassandra ODBC Drivers with ODBC Connector
JR57154 Certification of Cassandra Drivers with JDBC Connector
JR57193 Provide native HDFS access to File Connector stage
JR57294 Oracle Connector NUMBER mapping may cause index to be ignored
JR57379 Service principal for Hive is being incorrectly picked by the File Connector.
JR57418 DB2 Connector fails to INSERT a DECFLOAT type value of precision above 34 digits
JR57492 Connectors on Server Canvas incorrectly process Microseconds
JR57630 ODBC Connector metadata import sets incorrect decimal digits for all types on zLinux platform
JR57654 Upgrade of DataDirect OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.2k
JR57691 Connectors on server canvas logs garbled messages in Japanese environment
JR57700 Support for Staging table in the File Connector configured in Write mode with Create Hive Table
JR57723 Change message type for data truncate from info to warning.
JR57728 Connectors on server canvas generates 6 fractions in source context irrespective of a scale defined for timestamp field
JR57742 IMAM DB2 Connector z/OS imports are failing if there are unsupported datatypes in source database.
JR57751 Do not set the auto commit parameter while connecting to SAS
*JR57758 Add Oracle 12c support to Connector Migration Tool for DTS Connector
JR57827 Populating remote database, Informix Load stage shows low performance storing large amount of data.
JR57829 ODBC Connector corrupts the text data if the previous row contains a NULL value for the text field
JR57836 Teradata Connector : 'After SQL' getting executed even after job failure.
JR57867 Multiple user interface issues with Siebel Pack stage
JR57884 DB2 Connector on Windows error cannot be used as partitioner with the current DB2 client library: db2app.dll
JR57913 Salesforce Connector in Bulk mode does not load the record if a field of datatype double is empty - 11.7
JR57935 In Oracle CC "Process exception rows" property is grayed out when setting a job parameter in "Exception table name".
*JR57942 Configure window in the Unstructured Data connector displays the properties in the Regional language of OS on which IS Client is installed
JR57960 MultiSubnetFailover support when connecting to MS SQL Server using ODBC Connector
JR57963 ODBC Connector is not getting the view expression from the Sybase IQ Server.
JR57995 Fix for skipping messages from queue when wait time is set to 0
JR57999 DB2 Connector Load operation fails with error SQL27906N when database DFT_TABLE_ORG is set to "COLUMN".
JR58001 Teradata Connector logs EON informational message many times in a single job run.
JR58003 Oracle Connector unable to place WHERE clause for rowid range read partitioning
JR58004 Oracle Connector incorrectly determines table names when parsing SQL
JR58006 DB2 Connector: no generation of events for operational metadata depending on SQL provided as parameter.
JR58042 Performance improvement and update the batch size upper limit to 250000 for Salesforce Connector Bulk Extract Operation
JR58059 ODBC CC job fails if Username and Password properties are empty but ConnectionString contains "DSN=" string.
JR58082 File Connector Directory level wildcard support
JR58089 Metadata Import and Test connection using File Connector fails when Cross Realm Authentication is enabled.
JR58102 Connector stage null value with not nullable behavior
JR58115 ODBC Connector certification with MongoDB
JR58118 Mimic null characters handling in Oracle Connector as in ORAOCI9 plugin
JR58122 Oracle Connector with LOAD reject link fails with APT_Decimal::assignFromString: invalid format for the source string
JR58176 When encountering DB2 performance warning SQL0437W, DB2 Connector aborts its work and reports job failure.
JR58185 JDBC Connector job is failing intermittently when is run repeatedly
JR58187 Database table with database column of type TIMESTZ does not import in IMAM
JR58194 Oracle Connector is not honoring the single-line comments in handling before SQL statements
JR58238 View expression is not complete while importing views using IMAM with Oracle connector
JR58252 DB2 Connector in server job bulk loaded decimal columns as null if ASC file type used.
JR58265 Metadata import using ODBC Connector fails with invalid state error
JR58272 Support UNIVARCHAR/UNICHAR datatypes for Sybase ASE in Sybase Enterprise stage
JR58276 Support of TIMESTAMP with TIMEZONE datatype in DB2 Connector, treat as VarChar
JR58328 Teradata Connector cannot load CLOB data
JR58347 Enable Connection through Proxy server to httpFs enabled filesystem using File Connector.
JR58358 Connector migration tool does not migrate user SQL properly when Teradata plugin is used in reference context
JR58362 View expression truncated in IGC when imported via Hive Connector
*JR58364 Connector Migration Tool throws null pointer exception when updating the variant of a stage if original value is null
JR58369 DB2 Connector in Server job cannot bulk load non-ASCII characters with DEL file type.
JR58392 Netezza Connector support for version checking to determine multi schema option.
JR58426 Relax the requirement of having select privileges on the tables that are being imported in Oracle connector
JR58446 Multiple Sybase ASE BulkLoad problems with the ODBC Driver
JR58455 Salesforce Connector in the Bulk Mode generates a warning when it has zero lines to load in Salesforce 11.7
JR58471 DB2 Connector does not generate operational metadata in bulk load write mode
JR58553 Lookup jobs on server canvas gives IIS-CONN-DAAPI-000063 warning message
JR58588 Add warnings in Oracle connector for number to double conversion mismatch
JR58602 Informix CLI plugin wrongly counts rejected rows when Arraysize not equal to 1
*JR58604 Connector Migration Tool throws a null pointer exception migrating DRS plugin v7.5 to DRS Connector
JR58605 View Data with Netezza Connector for VarChar columns (not NVarChar) fails to display properly 8-bit characters
JR58642 Archive tables (type 'R') not importing via IMAM
JR58654 Certify JDBC Connector with the Progress JDBC Driver for MongoDB
*JR58717 Add support for Native Client v11 in SQL Server Stage
*JR58827 Drop Sybase 12.0 support in IIS 11.7
*To use this fix in your jobs, refer to InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7 fixes that require post-installation steps

DataStage Core
APAR Description
*JR36618 Enhancement request for command-line interface for Multi-Client Manager (MCM)
JR52012 Multi-instance job will stay in queued status when invocation id contains a CR or LF
JR54733 Sequencer allows an invocation id for a job when it is passed via a parameter. Director displays run-time error 5
JR55461 dsdlockd -p does not follow setting in dsdlockd.config
*JR57070 Change UNIX DataStage administrator id and group
JR57513 istool export/import random error: value is not legal
JR57640 DSXImportService sometimes shows the error as logout unsuccessful
JR57731 DSXImportService incorrectly logs 3x warning messages
JR57932 DataStage XML Import is vulnerable to an XXE vulnerability
*JR57981 dsjob with -run -wait does not wait for the completion of the previous execution
JR58060 script should change DS admin user and group in Version.xml
JR58105 dsjob failed with 39202 and dsapi_slave dumped core
JR58109 and scripts require better check when shut down
JR58179 LIST.READU only displays 9 digits of inode on UNIX
JR58259 Operations Console UI not displaying disk space for computenodes on mounted settings
JR58281 Information Server URLs return false positive to AppScan suggesting they are vulnerable to CWE-79
*JR58290 Syntax error: error in "generator" operator
JR58353 Import of job runtime for Hadoop jobs fails with unknown format error
JR58643 Multi Client Manager fails to switch 9.1 clients on Windows 10
*To use this fix in your jobs, refer to InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7 fixes that require post-installation steps

DataStage Parallel Engine
APAR Description
JR57746 Parallel engine jobs randomly core dump at job exit()
JR57386 Parallel Engine should not fail a job when it attempts to use a port which gives a permission failure.
JR57115 Parallel engine on Hadoop cannot run jobs with user names longer than 8 characters.
JR57823 Threading race condition in Windows parallel engine sort code can cause intermittent job failures.
JR56417 Remove environment variable APT_DEFER_OUTCUR_FD_CLOSE.
JR58138 Parallel job fails with unexpected player termination when the environment variable APT_PM_POLL_SYSCALL is set.
JR58053 Greenplum Connector jobs may fail with error: APT_PMMP::makeMessage: bad message on port.
JR58449 When APT_YARN_MULTIPLE_USERS=true and a running PX YARN client is stopped, it kills all running BigIntegrate Application
JR58685 BigIntegrate jobs using data locality with BDFS operator can encounter contract/specification issues in a comparator met
*JR58660 PX transformer stage nullable stage variables are incorrectly set to NULL at the start of every link evaluation cycle.
*To use this fix in your jobs, refer to InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7 fixes that require post-installation steps

Information Analyzer
APAR Description
JR58445 Problem configuring Data Rule stage job -Unable to save the job error -Problem saving Data Rule job, Please see log for error.
JR58447 Create missing IADB stored procedures for Oracle/SQLServer
JR58496 Credential Mapping support for connections used in IA.
JR58521 Improve error logging while validating landing tables.
JR58557 Information Analyzer REST API Shows Databases and Schema under wrong host.
JR58587 IADB connections are not closed correctly during registration of landing tables in a project.
JR58594 Data Rule job fails if for rule names with greater length.
JR58596 IAADMIN generates XML one line output with out formatting.
JR58628 Drill down fails for Virtual Table for Informix database.
JR58646 Global Analysis Setting taking long time to open.
JR58650 Renaming the virtual table used in rule binding will lead to a wrong bound expression.
JR58707 Using single data connection in multiple Import Areas in IMAM is leading to loss of Data Connections in Analysis Database Settings drop down.

Information Governance Catalog
APAR Description
JR58613 Custom attribute of relationship between Term and Steward go by workflow
JR58291 Graphical View: Term Graph is not working with Oracle DB
JR58518 Hive does not distinguish database and schema concepts
JR58371 Improved support on Hive queries in IGC
JR58438 Parsing view fails when view definition contains self-referential column
JR58501 REST API search of type 'folder' with condition always returns empty list

Information Services Director
APAR Description
JR57898 ISD Service deployment fails in Liberty when IS not installed under "InformationServer" folder
JR58275 ISD REST Service deploys with error and cannot be accessed (Error 500) after installation of ("DOCType is disallowed")

Information Server Framework
APAR Description
JR58580 Upgrade Apache FileUpload to address a vulnerability
JR60244 SOLR indexing service can leak JDBC result set objects

InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager
APAR Description
JR58349 Support setting of Signed attribute for integers in IDA metadata import

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