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Summary of fixes included in the IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1.


The following list contains APARs included in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1.

InfoSphere Information Server 11.7.1 is a cumulative update to Information Server 11.7 which includes the fixes from Fix Packs 1 and 2 and the associated Service packs, as well as newer maintenance.    The APAR fixes listed below are those which were released after the availability of service pack 2.   

To see the more detail on the fixes included in base level and prior fix packs, refer to the following technotes:
InfoSphere Information Server, Version fix list
InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7 Fix Pack 1 fix list
InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7 Fix Pack 2 fix list
InfoSphere Information Server, Version Service Pack 1 fix list


*Fixes that have an asterisk by the Fix ID may require post-install steps to activate. Please refer to the following document for details on how to activate those fixes:
InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7 fixes that require post-installation steps

APAR Description
JR60264 Custom attribute only asset value imports are slow


Connectivity - IBM & Bigdata

APAR Description
JR60007 Netezza Connector executes Before SQL in jobs started from job sequences in Validate only mode
JR60030 Netezza Connector hangs repeating message 'Number of rows read: 0' when SQL uses LIMIT 0 clause
JR60055 Added hbase_namespace subtype for DataSchema in metadata import
JR60063 Netezza Connector does not generate Operational Metadata information
JR60183 DB2 Connector job fails with SQLCODE -901 reported by db2CfgGet
JR60246 DataDirect JDBC Driver for Hive update to version
JR60252 MDM Connector configuration UI fails with NullPointerException
JR60296 DB2 Connector bulk load using external tables fails
JR60388 DB2 Connector fails to load data when partition key is defined as character-type column with Unicode extended property
JR60489 DB2 Connector in 'Update then insert' and 'Insert then update' modes logs unnecessary warning messages for LOB columns
JR60540 DB2 Connector using direct connections reports error: db2CfgGet returned reason code 0, SQLCODE -30,082
JR60567 Cannot import Hive metadata if a description contains XML special characters
JR60598 Netezza Connector using existing TWT reports error: External Table: count of bad input rows reached maxerrors limit
JR60602 DB2 Connector loads data to only one partition after rotating partitions on Db2 for z/OS
JR60647 DB2 Connector cannot be used as partitioner with the current DB2 client library: db2app.dll
JR60666 Netezza Connector fails in Direct insert mode due to lack of column in the design schema
JR60684 DB2 Connector has no option to control external table compression algorithm
JR60692 DB2 Connector does not load NULL values correctly when using external tables


Connectivity - Non-IBM

APAR Description
JR58927 Converting certain data from CHAR or VARCHAR to DATE or TIMESTAMP type the server job insert fails
JR59258 Expanding folder when user has no permission to view, results in Java exception in IMAM import area Assets to Import
JR59533 RDBMS CODE 2803: Secondary index uniqueness violation in .TERASYNC_
JR59691 BLOB datatype support for hostdata column in error table 1 for update operator in TPT
JR59699 Support for invalid XML characters in Teradata Connector
JR59725 Oracle CC on server canvas aborts when there are duplicate alias names in SELECT statement
JR59911 Salesforce Connector support for Salesforce API version 43
JR59928 Teradata connector 'Auto' start for Bulk mode is failing in server jobs.
JR59961 Sybase IQBulk Plugin doesn't contain STRIP RTRIM option
JR59965 ODBC Connector corrupts money data bulk loading to Sybase ASE database
JR59966 Remove key expressions generated in Oracle Connector select statement after migrating an Oracle Enterprise job
*JR59991 Oracle CC jobs (migrated from OCI stages) fail on server canvas on handling date/timestamp columns
JR60015 Sybase EE sometimes aborts with Unsupported Datatype for UserDefined datatypes
JR60016 Unable to read from Sybase IQ when the same table name exists for two different schemas
JR60023 Teradata Connector as source is truncating CLOB data larger than 64K
*JR60028 Oracle CC jobs fail post-migration from OCI/OCI Load plugin stages
JR60029 Enable variant property in DRS Connector if database type property is a job parameter
JR60034 RDBMS code 2665: Invalid date exception is thrown for Teradata connector in lookup context.
JR60038 Delta Operations does not honor LastExtractTime value in the Salesforce Connector
JR60085 GreenPlum Connector read jobs do not abort on error from GreenPlum Server
JR60121 Oracle Connector may ignore Before/After SQL statements in certain circumstances
JR60123 File Connector truncates varchar data while reading ORC file
JR60130 Hierarchical Stage not deleting the E2LOB (LOB descriptor files under /tmp) when a LOB is passed as input to REST step
JR60131 Oracle Connector library won't load when using Oracle 12cR2 client on AIX
*JR60212 Salesforce Connector support in Bulk Extract without using PKChunking
JR60224 Oracle CC incorrectly describes the ROW ID column while importing using IMAM
JR60225 CMT is dropping the WHERE clause specified on Oracle EE stages used as Lookup
JR60237 Teradata Connector to handle setIsNull() and setCalendar errors.
*JR60241 Add the option for HardDelete in the Salesforce Connector Bulk Mode during delete operation
JR60246 DataDirect JDBC Driver for Hive update to version
JR60261 Oracle CC incorrectly calculates decimal field size when CC_ORA_BIND_DECIMAL_AS_CHAR=TRUE for bulk load mode
JR60289 Support preview of Avro, Parquet and ORC files from IA UI
JR60338 Job which has ODBCCC with Oracle Wire Protocol driver aborts when there is a rejected record
JR60371 File Connector job with the Create Hive Table option failing for Numeric type
JR60407 Browse objects link is not visible on the reference link of Salesforce connector.
JR60432 Oracle CC Server canvas jobs crash with DSEngine-errors on AIX
JR60452 Provide Oracle Connector READ partitioning flexibility
*JR60482 Introduce environment variable CC_ORA_DISABLE_PLSQL_BATCH_ERRORS
JR60485 In Sybase EE, ASE Write fails when specified table name contains schema name
JR60527 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Currency Rule Editor shortcut is missing from Start menu
JR60547 Connector Migration Tool (CMT) Truncating SQL Query when migrating Teradata API to Teradata Connector
JR60568 Error when importing hive metadata if the description contains special characters like "&"
JR60501 Salesforce Connector support for Salesforce API version 44
JR60626 GetBulkStatus operation in Salesforce Connector extracts duplicate records while getting the record status
JR60634 Bulk Query jobs fails when quotes in data when non pk chunking enabled
JR60637 Fix issues when using Load from file write mode in Snowflake connector.

*To use this fix, refer to InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7 fixes that require post-installation steps

Data Flow Designer (DFD)

APAR Description
JR60310 Cannot connect to Teradata connection with LogOnMech is set to LDAP
JR60365 Unable to open project in DataStage Flow Designer when DSEngine is running on non default port.
JR60398 In Datastage Flow Designer the link to the operations console in Run log window is pointing to Engine Tier and not Services Tier.
JR60630 DB2 Connector "enable partitioned reads" does not work on job created in DFD - error "Invalid property cast bool (CC_Property::getValueAsInteger, file CC_Property.cpp, line 896)"
JR60645 Data Flow Designer deploys on WASND unsuccessfully if Linux version is less than 7 or WAS is installed on non-default location and folder names.
JR60708 DataFlow Designer Job Compilation creates .trx and .trx.osh files owned by root resulting in compile failure of the same job in DataStage.
JR60725 DFD DataFlow Designer Transformer Compilation failing when Compiler is not at standard location
JR60840 Cannot publish binaries if IIS installed in non-default location. Cannot import published jobs if the username supplied in the Gitcli tool differs in case with the user name logged in when setting up the git user using DFD UI.


DataStage Core / DataStage Engine

APAR Description
JR59987 11.7 Enh New Functionality to allow dsjob command to bypass check of parameter
JR60129 Incorrect information on DataStage Designer and Director GUI relating to DFD restart function
*JR60399 DataStage clients fail for certain users on AIX with Active Directory
JR60513 Job differencing failure with multiline derivation
JR60696 The Complex Flat File stage client side record subtab is missing some elements

*To use this fix in your jobs, refer to InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7 fixes that require post-installation steps

DataStage Parallel Engine

APAR Description
JR60144 Hadoop edge node can crash when a Yarn client is can crash when a yarn client is waiting for resources with a large number of jobs running concurrently
JR60188 Binary localization works when running a job but force-binary-localization script is not working
JR60319 Update supported releases for APT_WRITE_DS_VERSION to include Information Server 9.1
JR60369 Changed Transformer object code is not distributed to remote compute nodes along with other PX binaries for a job
JR60423 Add an unset JAVA_HOME to the script to ensure the Hadoop version of Java is used.


Exception Manager, Common Event Framework, Shared Framework, Data Quality Exception Console

APAR Description
*JR59789 New istool command line utility options for deleting DQEC exception sets.*
JR60146 The kafka broker cannot delete the old log files after the configured time on Windows.
JR60389 Exception stage fails to send event when IIS server is behind a web front-end server.
JR60480 If the shared open source services are down during Websphere application server startup the system will run out of file handles.
JR60532 The kafka broker crashes due to file access issues.
JR60667 Kafka is unable to shut down properly because zookeeper is already shut down
JR60750 in clustered WAS environment, connecting to Solr fails with "AuthFailed" ZooKeeper error.

*To use this fix in your jobs, refer to InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7 fixes that require post-installation steps

Information Analyzer (IA)

APAR Description
JR60380 IA reports fail if host name contains ""
JR60446 DataRule stage job execution ends with error when Spanish Client is used
JR60608 Error changing selected data class after running column analysis in IA Thin Client
JR60609 Cannot publish analysis results after changing the selected data class for a column of a table in IA Thin Client.
JR60629 DQA Fails in Thin Client when iisadmin variable is set to false
JR60654 Data rules when running against SQL Virtual Tables on HIVE fail with data truncation errors
JR60655 Double quote issues for ORACLE sql virtual table sql's in Information Analyzer
JR60683 Unable to update columns in SQL Virtual Tables


Information Governance Catalog (IGC)

APAR Description
JR59226 Workflow doesn't populate some changes for new objects
JR59592 Reverse relationship between glossary object and information assets doesn't work correctly
JR59804 Insufficient error handling for malformed workbench generate CSV
JR59829 Query for Stage Columns (DSInOutStageColumn) returns no results
JR59900 asset administrator can delete CA from terms
JR59934 The "go to next page" functionality is not working as expected in Old IGC category with Amazon S3
JR59958 Import asset values from csv does not support 'Logical Data Model' entity type
JR60003 Retrieving lineage may fail with Database error ORA-01795
JR60025 Term assigned assets are lost after re-importing
JR60110 Inefficient query for processing lineage for database view
JR60116 'Defined Foreign Key' section for 'Database Table' displays 'Database Column' instead of foreign keys
JR60159 Mitigate XXE vulnerability
JR60215 Triggers on Oracle database - do not create temporary tables multiple times as they are permanent
JR60260 Unable to create lineage when WHERE clause has CASE
JR60264 Performance improvements for istool import asset value command
JR60270 MQT / Summary tables lineage incorrectly detected
JR60295 Lineage triggers a query with duplicates on in-list
JR60360 Fix export of Assigned Assets for Business Rules
JR60414 Redirect springframework istool logs to log file
JR60443 glossary import fails with Error executing query from HistoryEventLogger.getPublishedTermRids
JR60474 Zombie flows created when flows changes for a flow unit
JR60505 IGC Rest API requests are hanging in DynamicDecorationsReloader on ReentrantReadWriteLock
JR60521 Unable to publish a policy or category if catalog contains same asset type with same name
JR60656 DataRule missing bindings for virtual columns
JR60663 Property paths with refCA extended over other property are not recognised by IGC REST
JR60736 Classifiers fail when updated due to truncation at 256 Characters in Classic UI
JR60754 IGC does not show source and target tables in lineage when lookup type is used in DB Connector


Information Server Framework (ISF)

APAR Description
JR60202 An Improper Authentication vulnerability affects IBM InfoSphere Information Server
JR60210 Information Server is vulnerable to an Information disclosure vulnerability
JR60717 Upgrade Jackson databind to version 2.9.8


Information Services Director (ISD)

APAR Description
JR60685 ASBAgent crashes (OOM) periodically with multiple ISD Services running DB queries
JR60813 ISD Console shows the URL to the WSDL file of a SOAP-HTTP service only when the console is run in English, but not in other languages


Metadata Asset Manager (IMAM)

APAR Description
JR60625 Error while merging large number of assets in DB.
JR60640 Business object bridge failed to import universe using metadata interchange server
JR60649 Business object bridge failed to import report variables



APAR Description
JR60159 Address XXE vulnerability
JR60305 Reduce the objects retrieved by closure of rules to only the ones needed.
JR60606 IMAM re-import fails to share the repository.



For searchability, listing APARs from Service pack 1

JR60146, JR60361, JR60434, JR55085, JR59456, JR59466, JR59496, JR59665, JR59760, JR59959, JR59990, JR59992, JR60169, JR60184, JR60199, JR60288, JR60323, JR60373, JR60436, JR60378, JR60480, JR61069


For searchability, listing APARs from 11.7 Fix Pack 2

JR58858, JR59180, JR59186, JR59342, JR59467, JR59518, JR59537, JR59561, JR59625, JR59655, JR59682, JR59692, JR59696, JR59743, JR59775, JR59787, JR59790, JR59859, JR59901, JR58600, JR59586, JR59603, JR59610, JR59624, JR59614, JR59726, JR59626, JR59707, JR59611, JR59756, JR59580, JR59718, JR59823, JR59855, JR59806, JR59839, JR59836, JR59663, JR58962, JR59175, JR59287, JR59409, JR59445, JR59455, JR59529, JR59710, JR59741, JR59825, JR59828, JR59949, JR59131, JR59080, JR59658, JR59927, JR59189, JR59463, JR59562, JR59648, JR59802, JR59838, JR59919, JR60095, JR60096, JR60097, JR60098, JR60099, JR60100, JR60101, JR60102, JR60103, JR60104, JR60105, JR59498, JR59602, JR59607, JR59628, JR59688, JR59132, JR59190, JR59370, JR59556, JR59578, JR58645, JR59546, JR59674, JR59793, JR59579, JR59701, JR59721, JR59843, JR59125, JR59623, JR59659


For searchability, listing APARs from 11.7 Fix Pack 1

JR37559, JR54016, JR56177, JR57408, JR57629, JR57631, JR57925, JR58164, JR58244, JR58343, JR58351, JR58378, JR58389, JR58477, JR58478, JR58488, JR58489, JR58507, JR58523, JR58536, JR58563, JR58574, JR58597, JR58601, JR58612, JR58629, JR58633, JR58662, JR58665, JR58690, JR58694, JR58698, JR58701, JR58707, JR58719, JR58728, JR58751, JR58752, JR58756, JR58777, JR58792, JR58795, JR58800, JR58810, JR58812, JR58813, JR58821, JR58823, JR58826, JR58831, JR58843, JR58848, JR58853, JR58857, JR58866, JR58875, JR58883, JR58884, JR58888, JR58895, JR58896, JR58900, JR58910, JR58913, JR58920, JR58929, JR58931, JR58933, JR58934, JR58935, JR58936, JR58943, JR58944, JR58947, JR58968, JR58969, JR58978, JR58983, JR58986, JR58988, JR58994, JR59005, JR59006, JR59010, JR59024, JR59028, JR59030, JR59033, JR59036, JR59037, JR59052, JR59053, JR59054, JR59067, JR59081, JR59083, JR59096, JR59097, JR59101, JR59103, JR59105, JR59108, JR59109, JR59115, JR59121, JR59127, JR59135, JR59136, JR59140, JR59143, JR59148, JR59158, JR59161, JR59166, JR59179, JR59180, JR59186, JR59209, JR59214, JR59221, JR59222, JR59229, JR59230, JR59234, JR59243, JR59251, JR59255, JR59265, JR59270, JR59275, JR59277, JR59280, JR59280, JR59284, JR59298, JR59300, JR59319, JR59322, JR59326, JR59337, JR59340, JR59351, JR59358, JR59360, JR59361, JR59381, JR59389, JR59416, JR59430, JR59446, JR59461, JR59468, JR59521, JR59658


[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SSZJPZ","label":"IBM InfoSphere Information Server"},"Component":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"11.7.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}}]

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