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IBM IDS Express Edition v11.50.xC3E: Publication library in PDF (all languages)

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This document provides links to documentation in PDF in all available languages for IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server Express Edition v11.50.xC3E and bundled products.


Available 31 October 2008

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Publication Title
(with link to English publication)
Quick Start Guide for IDS

Quick Start Guide for Spatial DataBlade® Module

Administrator's Guide

Administrator's Reference

Backup and Restore Guide

Database Design and Implementation Guide

Database Extensions User's Guide

DataBlade API Function Reference

DataBlade API Programmer's Guide

DataBlade Developers Kit User's Guide

DataBlade Module Development Overview

DataBlade Module Installation and Registration Guide

DB-Access User's Guide

Embedded SQLJ User's Guide

Error Messages

ESQL/C Programmer's Manual

Getting Started Guide


GLS User's Guide

Guide to SQL: Reference

Guide to SQL: Syntax

Guide to SQL: Tutorial

JDBC Driver Programmer's Guide

J/Foundation Developer's Guide

Migration Guide

.NET Provider Reference Guide

Object Interface for C++ Programmer's Guide

ODBC Driver Programmer's Manual

OLE DB Provider Programmer's Guide

Optical Subsystem Guide

Performance Guide

Quick Beginnings for Express Edition

R-Tree Index User's Guide

Security Guide

SNMP Subagent Guide

Spatial DataBlade Module User's Guide

Storage Manager Administrator's Guide

User-Defined Routines and Data Types Developer's Guide

Virtual-Index Interface Programmer's Guide

Virtual-Table Interface Programmer's Guide

Web DataBlade Module Administrator's Guide

Web DataBlade Module Application Developer's Guide

XML User's Guide

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