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IBM i - Viewing System SSL with SSLCONFIG Macro



How to display SYSTEM SSL properties on the IBM i platform.


System SSL handshakes failing on protocol or ciphers.


SSL protocols and ciphers may be deprecated or disabled.

Diagnosing The Problem

The SSLCONFIG macro allows viewing or altering system-wide System SSL default properties.
With the SSLCONFIG macro output values, you can complete the IBM i setup technote Configuring Your IBM i System Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocols and Cipher Suites

The SSLCONFIG macro output can also be found in the QMGTOOLS/SYSSNAP .zip file.
Path example; ......\SYSSNAP\SSTDUMPS\TLSCONFIG.txt

Resolving The Problem

To use the SSL configuration IBM-supplied macro support, follow these steps:

  1. Access System Service Tools by using SST.
  2. Select Start a service tool.
  3. Select Display/Alter/Dump.
  4. Select Display/Alter storage.
  5. Select Licensed Internal Code (LIC) data.
  6. Select Advanced analysis. (You must page down to see this option.)
  7. Page down until you find the SSLCONFIG option. Then, place a 1 (Select) next to the option and press Enter. You are now on the Specify Advanced Analysis Options window. The command shows as SSLCONFIG.
  8. Enter '-h' without the quotation marks and press Enter to display the available options.
  9. Best practice is to start with Options -DISPLAY

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15 August 2022