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IBM i Access refresh features are provided so that customers can acquire and use the latest IBM i Access products prior to upgrading the IBM i operating system to the latest release. IBM i Access refresh features are available for no charge to customers with a software maintenance contract. Contact your IBM Representative or an IBM Authorized Business Partner providing them with the appropriate refresh feature code from the table below and they will order the features you selected via the eConfigurator. The default delivery method is electronic via the Entitlement Software Support (ESS) website. Physical media delivery may be selected. However, there is a fee associated with ordering physical media.

Acquiring the software:

Feature code 6289 is available for download on the Entitlement Software Support (ESS)website under SS1 without having to make a special order. If you need a physical copy, you will need to place an order through eConfigurator. All other refresh features will need to be ordered through eConfigurator before they become available for download. If you ordered physical media, your media will be delivered to you.

Description Refresh feature code PC DVD media
for Windows
publication number
Licensed Program
for IBM i
publication number
7.2 IBM i Access for Web maintaining IBM i at 7.1 5770-SS1 6289 N/A LCD8-1965-00
*7.1 IBM i Access for Windows with IBM i at 7.2 5770-SS1 6287 SK3T-4098-05 LCD8-0875-01

Upgrading all of your software to 7.2 or 7.3

Customers ordering or upgrading their IBM i software to 7.2 or 7.3 and also ordering IBM i Access Family (5770-XW1) will receive:

  • IBM i Access Client Solutions (5733-XJ1): available on PC CD media.
  • 7.2 IBM i Access for Web (5770-XH2): available on the IBM i media set with the keyed set products. Beginning with 7.2, IBM i Access for Web is enabled for mobile devices that support a browser.
  • Customers using IBM i Access for Windows should consider using IBM i Access Client Solutions (5733-XJ1). The most current version is available for download from here or from the Entitlement Software Support (ESS) website.  There is not a 7.2 version of IBM i Access for Windows. 7.1 IBM i Access for Windows (5770-XE1) is available on the 7.2 and 7.3 IBM i media with the standard set products and is compatible with IBM i release 7.2 and 7.3. 
  • There are two optional packages for IBM i Access Client Solutions available only on the Entitlement Software Support (ESS) website:
  • Windows Application Package - provides platform-specific database drivers and providers via ODBC, .Net, and OLE DB for DB2 for i connectivity and a programming toolkit for accessing IBM i system objects.
  • Linux Application package - provides a platform-specific ODBC driver for DB2 for i connectivity.

Note: 5250 emulation and Data Transfer in either IBM i Access Client Solutions or IBM i Access for Windows requires purchasing a license for IBM i Access Family (5770-XW1). All functions of IBM i Access for Web require a 5770-XW1 license.

Replacing lost media

If you have misplaced your copy of IBM i Access for Windows, there are two ways you may order a replacement copy:

  1. Use the IBM Publications Center website. (Requires a shipping charge).
    • Select a country and then Go.
    • On the left hand side, select Search for publications.
    • Fill in the Publication Number from the above table and select Go.
    • Continue through the remaining panels to complete your order.
  2. Contact IBM Software and Publication support at 800-879-2755 (Requires a shipping charge).

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21 February 2020