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IBM i 7.4 - TR6 Enhancements


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IBM i 7.4 -
Enhancements timed with
Technology Refresh 6 (TR6)
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The remainder of this landing page intends to make it easy to see the supporting detail for these enhancements.

Db2 for i Enhancements 
Note: The following Db2 for i enhancements are delivered by Db2 for i PTF Group SF99704 Level 20.
Db2 for i - Functional enhancements
Db2 for i -  Database Engineer enhancements

IBM i Services (new)

IBM i Services (enhanced)

IBM Navigator for i
The function usage ID QIBM_NAV_ALL_FUNCTION has been changed to default setting *DENIED. With this change, user profiles that previously were allowed to access IBM Navigator for i functions may now be restricted.  To allow user access, refer to the Function usage ID table at IBM Navigator for i - Function usage IDs.

    General Operating System

    Compression with the ZLIB algorithm

      System Administration
      IBM Navigator for i
      The new Web based Navigator continues to be enhanced as we strive tohelp the IBM i Administrator manage and update their IBM i systems.
      The following new features have been added to IBM Navigator as part of this delivery:
      • Angular & PrimeNG upgrade - may change column layout of some tables
      • SMTP properties
      • New Audit Journal support:
        • View bar chart of audit journal entry counts for one day
        • View graph of audit journal entry counts for a week
        • View detailed information for each entry type in a table
      NOTE: The function usage ID QIBM_NAV_ALL_FUNCTION has been changed to default setting *DENIED. With this change, user profiles that previously were allowed to access IBM Navigator for i functions may now be restricted.  To allow user access, refer to the Function usage ID table at IBM Navigator for i - Function usage IDs.
      For additional details see the IBM Navigator for i home page
      IBM Access Client Solutions V 1.1.9
      Significant updates for ACS as part of this release. 
      • Systems can now be defined into Groups. Create groups to arrange your systems in logical groupings.
      ACS Groups
      • Ability to close the Description area (right column) on the main ACS interface 
      • Customize the description for the 'Hardware Management Interface ' values that can be defined for each system configured. 
      • Run SQL Scripts now supports Tabs. Each connection (window) now has the ability to have many tabs where you can have separate SQL Scripts open and being edited. This provides a very nice way to easily work on many files. You can even drag and drop a folder with select SQL files into a new Run SQL Scripts window, and a new tab for each file is opened. 
      ACS Run SQL Scripts Tabs
      For more details on the complete list for enhancements see the Access Client Solutions Home Page

      Application Development

      General App Dev Updates 
      • The Call (CALL) and Call Bound Procedure (CALLPRC) commands now allow expressions to be passed as parameters and allow you to specify type and length for each parameter.
      • New ILE C/C++ built-in functions for atomic memory access are added in this release. In a program with multiple threads, you can use these functions to atomically and safely modify data in one thread without interference from another thread.
      • Call Services Program Procedure API (QARUCLSP) raises the number of parameters up to 248.  
      Integrated Web Services Server - Rest API Engine
      The Rest API engine integrated in to the operating system has significantly improved its access logging capabilities.  These new capabilities now allow users to have very detailed views of who, what, when, and where when it come to the usage of Rest APIs for IBM i.  The following provide details on how to configure the IWS support for these new features: 
      For the latest details on IWS see IWS home page

      Rational Development Studio - RPG Updates!
      The RPG Language continues to be updated and enhanced to meet the needs of the modern RPG developer.  The following updates have been added:
      • New opcode SND-MSG allows you to send an informational or escape message
      • New opcode ON-EXCP allows you to monitor for a specific error message in a MONITOR group
      For a complete list please see RPG Cafe
      Hardware and Virtualization Enhancements
      IBM i 7.4 TR 6 supports new offerings for Power (updated to add content from 2022-07-12 Announce)
      • IBM Power S1014 (9105-41B)
      • IBM Power S1022 (9105-22A)
      • IBM Power S1022s (9105-22B)
      • IBM Power S1024 (9105-42A)
      • IBM Power L1022 (9786-22H)
      • IBM Power L1024 (9786-42H)
      • IBM i exploits VIOS NPIV multiple queues
      • New Enterprise NVMe U.2 Devices
      • #EJ2A -- PCIe4 x16 to CXP Converter adapter
      • #EJ1X -- Storage Backplane with four NVMe U.2 drive slots
      • #EJ1Y -- Storage Backplane with eight NVMe U.2 drive slots
      Db2 Mirror for i
      Db2 Mirror Versioning Services
      • These services are tools that can be used to help manage differences between the two nodes.
      • Through the ADD_MIRROR_VERSION procedure you can add your software function to a list that is replicated with the other node.
      • Using the MIRROR_VERSION_LIST view you can view the entries that have been added.

      IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i 7.4 with HA version 4.7.2 brings several enhancements to the PowerHA portfolio, including:

      • Reduced data transfer during resynchronization with Geographic Mirroring Compression (This enhancement will be available June 24, 2022).
      • Ability to configure PowerHA to switch many IP addresses in a single device CRG without custom exit programs with a new configuration object type, *IPA.
      • Integrated switchover progress monitoring with enhanced notifications when action is required.
      • Numerous performance improvements

      For more information on these enhancements and to get started, see the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i wiki page.

      Backup, Recovery and Media Services for i (5770-BR1) 

      Backup, Recovery and Media Services for i (BRMS) continues to be enhanced and improved.

      • BRMS SQL Services now give users the option to view, order, and subset the BRMS information.  Recently added BRMS SQL services include:
      • BRMS has been enhanced with a new append to media volume selection which uses the same media policy retention for backups.  The purpose of this new volume selection algorithm is to provide a way to maintain the same retention period for a volume set when appending backups using the same media policy.
      • BRMS using IBM Cloud Storage for i has been enhanced to improve BRMS network support.  The purpose of this support is to ensure duplicate volume names are not generated when any system in the BRMS network is in restricted state or when the BRMS network synchronization job is not working.
      • BRMS recovery report has been enhanced to provide improved reporting for H/A environments.  This support will provide a way to generate a single BRMS recovery report using tapes from your backup and production systems in an H/A environment.

      The BRMS PTFs that deliver these enhancements are as follows.  The PTFs will be released the end of May, 2022.

      IBM i 7.3 - SI78289

      IBM i 7.4 - SI78290

      Follow this link to discover more detail on these and other BRMS enhancements:

      [{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU070","label":"IBM Infrastructure"},"Product":{"code":"SWG60","label":"IBM i"},"Component":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF012","label":"IBM i"}],"Version":"IBM i 7.4","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB68","label":"Power HW"}}]

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