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IBM i 7.2 - TR2 Enhancements



IBM i 7.2 - TR2 Enhancements


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Db2 for i Enhancements

Db2 for i Functional Enhancements


Db2 for i Database Management Enhancements

Db2 for i Performance Enhancements

Db2 for i Availability Enhancements

  • Default to larger SQLPKG maximum size

Db2 for i - New IBM i Services

Db2 for i - Navigator Enhancements

  • IBM i Navigator - database enhancements in IBM i 7.1 TR10 & IBM i 7.2 TR2

IBM i General Software Enhancements

IBM i Licensed Program: Back-up, Recovery and Media Services

BRMS Technology Updates:

  • Network set-up and communications can be checked by using the INZBRM command
  • Remote command to eject media owned by another system allows centralization of media moves
  • Added capability to save "Q" user libraries residing in an IASP
  • Added Location and Container parameters to CHGMEDBRM, allowing move of individual volumes

Hardware and Firmware

Hardware Enhancements - Platform

  • POWER8 servers attach more System Node and I/O drawers

Hardware Enhancements - I/O

  • 4-port 10 Gb Ethernet NIC
  • Native and VIOS NPIV attachment of FlashSystem 900
  • IBM i 16 Gb FC Native Direct Attach
  • 10 Gb NIC/RoCE adapter
  • 10K RPM 571/600 GB SFF with 4K block size
  • 10K RPM 1.1/1.2 TB SFF with 4K block size
  • 10K RPM 1.7/1.8 TB SFF-3 with 4K block size

Hardware Enhancements - Virtualization

  • SR-IOV support for POWER8 servers

Hardware Enhancements - Functional

  • SAN Multipath Support for Tape Drives
  • SAS Adapter Availability Improvement


IBM is announcing enhancements to the RPG IV language delivered in 5770-WDS. In the continuing effort to increase the power of RPG as a modern business language, RPG IV will support generating mixed-case PCML and the ability to select which exported procedures should have PCML generated.

These new enhancements are available with PTFs for the RPG IV compiler:

  • PTF SI55340 for release 7.1, TGTRLS(*CURRENT)
  • PTF SI55442 for release 7.2, TGTRLS(*CURRENT)
  • PTF SI55531 for release 7.2, TGTRLS(V7R1M0)

Full documentation for these enhancements will be found starting from the What's New section of the ILE RPG Reference in Knowledge Center 7.2. Knowledge Center 7.1 will not be updated, but the information about these enhancements is the same for both 7.1 and 7.2.   RPG Knowledge Center

Information will also be available in the RPG Cafe at   -  RPG Cafe

Java 8 

IBM Technology for Java 8.0 was released on IBM i 7.1 and higher. It is released as off-release delivery for product 5761JV1 on i 7.1 and 5770JV1 on i 7.2. It contains JV1 product option 16 (Java SE 8 32 bit) and option 17 (Java SE 8 64 bit).    News of Java on IBM i

Integrated Web Services Server

The Integrated Web Services Server has been enhanced to simply the the ability to deploy an RPG program as a REST based Service. 

Integrated Web Services Server updates

Open Source 

IBM i continues to focus on enhancing the IBM i open source ecosystem. The Open Source LPO (5733-OPS), announced with IBM i 7.1 TR9 and IBM i 7.2 TR1 in October, 2014, has enhanced as follows:

  • Python: The Python language is a multipurpose high-level programming language that is very popular across many communities. Option 2 of 5733-OPS includes the Python language and a simplified set of interfaces for allowing easy access to the IBM i native ILE objects and DB2 for i access.  Details on what we are delivering and when can be found at -    Python

  • Node.js: This popular language has been updated to the latest version. Additionally, a FastCGI interface has been added to allow easy and robust connections between the IBM i HTTP server and the Node.js environment. These updates are delivered as PTFs that are added to Option 1 of 5733-OPS.      Node.js

Accessing your System 

Access Client Solutions
The latest updates to Access Client Solutions V1.1.4 Update1 (4/21/2015)  contains all sorts of new features, function and user requests. Once you have installed ACS from the ESS site and have accepted the license, all future fixes are available from the fix ftp site. 

5250 Emulator enhancements:

  • Tabbed sessions that share a common presentation space
  • Ability to save a view of multiple sessions for easy restart of multiple sessions
  • Watermark customizations, including image support
  • Ability to add user-provided fonts
  • Migration wizard for .ws profiles
  • Support for host code pages 1130, 1132, 1164, and 1377
  • Optional input character validation based on host code page
  • Print emulation enhancements
  • Additional mouse wheel customizations
  • Cursor customization when doing a paste
  • Additional keyboard mapping options: Character Backspace, Character Advance, and APL screen attributes
  • Maximum sessions allowed has been increased to 100 (available in May 2015)
  • HMC Probe Utility 
  • Mac & Linux quick start guide - Quick Start Guide

Details - Access Client Solutions Product Page

Mobile Access for IBM i

Access and manage your IBM i using your favorite Web enabled Mobile Device.   The Mobile support delivered in 5770XH2 has reached GA. 

  • 5250 interface 
  • Managed Jobs
  • Work with Messages 
  • Work with and Display Spool Files
  • Run SQL Scripts 
  • Secure Telnet Connection 
  • Much more 

Details - iAccess Mobile Product Page

PowerVC for IBM i

The newly released PowerVC 1.2.3 contains multiple new features for IBM i. The June 2015 release will contain the following enhancements:

  • Multi-disk support: Supports capturing multiple volumes attached to an IBM i VM, resulting in a single deployable image. Also, an IBM i image that is comprised of more than one volume can be deployed as a new VM.
  • Remote Restart is introduced for IBM i, which allows an administrator to remotely restart VMs from a "dead" host on another healthy host within the environment to maintain the availability of VMs.
  • EMC VMAX and VNX vSCSI are supported.
  • SVC mirroring support allows a customer to establish a local mirror in a second pool on the same SVC or Storwize controller, which can provide for a degree of disaster recovery.
  • Redundant HMC support for PowerVC allows customers to switch to the redundant HMC in case of HMC failure or upgrade.

Planning Statements

iSCSI support stabilization
The IBM i Integrated Server solution will only be supported with the hardware and operating system versions that are currently listed in the iSCSI Solution Guide.

  • There are no new planned enhancements to the IBM i Integrated Server product.
  • There are no plans to support any new System x hardware.
  • There are no plans to support any non-IBM hardware.

Details on the supported hardware models and operating system versions can be found at

IBM i Access for Windows client stabilization
The IBM i Access for Windows product will continue to be supported on Windows operating systems as specified at  - iAccess for Windows Supported OS List

IBM does not plan to support IBM i Access for Windows on more recent Windows operating systems than indicated on the web page. The replacement product is IBM i Access Client Solutions, which includes 5250 emulation, data transfer, printer output, console support, and more. For information regarding IBM i Access Client Solutions, refer to

IBM Developer Kit for Java (5770-JV1 and 5761-JV1)
IBM does not have any plans to enhance the following versions of the IBM Developer Kit for Java in future releases:

  • Option 6 - Classic 1.4
  • Option 7 - Classic 5.0
  • Option 8 - IBM Technology for Java 5.0 32-bit
  • Option 9 - IBM Technology for Java 5.0 64-bit
  • Option 10 - Classic 6
  • Option 13 - IBM Technology for Java 1.4.2 64-bit

IBM is encouraging all clients to remain on the very latest versions of Java by installing and moving to one of the following IBM Developer Kits for Java:

  • Option 11 - IBM Technology for Java 6 32-bit
  • Option 12 - IBM Technology for Java 6 64-bit
  • Option 14 - IBM Technology for Java 7 32-bit
  • Option 15 - IBM Technology for Java 7 64-bit
  • Option 16 - IBM Technology for Java 8 32-bit
  • Option 17 - IBM Technology for Java 8 64-bit

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