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IBM i 7.2 - TR1 Enhancements


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Db2 for i Enhancements

The following article contains an overview of the Db2 for i enhancements.  The article covers both IBM i 7.1 TR9 and IBM i 7.2 TR1 database enhancements.
MC Press Article: "Step right up and hear about Db2 and TR9!"

Db2 for i Functional Enhancements

Db2 for i Database Management Enhancements

Db2 for i Performance Enhancements

Db2 for i Security Enhancements

Db2 for i - New IBM i Services

Db2 for i Availability & Recovery Enhancements

  • Faster IASP vary on

Db2 for i - Navigator Enhancements

  • IBM i Navigator - database enhancements in IBM i 7.1 TR9 & IBM i 7.2 TR1

Systems Management

The Web Navigator has been significantly updated to include a number of new features, functions, as well as many new usability and performance updates. The Database component was a significant area of focus for this delivery.

Integrated Web Services Server - REST-based services

The integrated web services server has been updated to now include the ability to create and host REST-based web services on top of your ILE-based RPG and COBOL programs. The IBM Web Administration for i GUI interface (http://hostname:2001/HTTPAdmin) has been updated to allow users to quickly and easily create new web services that leverage REST as well as the existing SOAP web services support. Additionally new Qshell scripts have been added to give you the ability to easily save and restore your web services servers from one system to another. The restoreWebServices script has been enhanced to support the migration from version 1.5 to the latest Liberty-based support.

Details can be found at - HERE

Application Development

Rational Developer for i (RDi) has been updated to RDi V9.1. This latest updated contains several important updates that are focused on helping the developer significantly improve the quality of their applications leveraging the new interactive Code Coverage support as well as the existing batch Code Coverage support. Additionally, the ability to distribute and maintain RDi across a team of developers have been greatly improved with the addition of Push to Client support. This allows a central IBM i server to distribute standardized template, connection information, filters, and many other aspects of your RDi deployment. For details see -


Open source continues to play an important role in applications on IBM i. To continue to meet this need, Node.js, a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for 'server-side' and networking applications. This includes extensions to all access to Db2 for i, and many other native ILE objects. Details can be found at: HERE

Note: Node.js is a registered trademark of Joyent, Inc. in the United states and other countries. This module is not formally related to or endorsed by the official Joyent Node.js project.

Software Group Updates

IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 Feature Pack 8 

The Commerce solution has been updated with a number of new features and is now available on IBM i. This is a cumulative delivery including all previous feature packs. 


The IBM MQ product has been updated and is now available on IBM i. This is a significant update. In addition to enhancements to the main MQ products, this update includes a packaging change to include the File Transfer edition and the IBM Advanced Message Security support now all running native on IBM i.   For details see  - HERE

IBM i Licensed Program: Back-up, Recovery and Media Services

BRMS Technology Updates:

  • Support for new TS1150 Enterprise Tape Drive
  • Additional backup automation with STRBKUBRM
  • Added capability to process journal entries that start with “Q”
  • Easier to print reports with PRTRPTBRM
  • Additional options for BRMS object lists

Hardware and Firmware

Hardware Enhancements - Platform

  • IBM Power E870 model 9119-MME
  • IBM Power E880 model 9119-MHE
  • New HMC V8.2 release

Hardware Enhancements - I/O

  • 19-inch PCIe Gen3 4U I/O Expansion Drawer (#EMX0)
  • TS1150 Enterprise Tape Drive
  • 2.0 TB Removable Disk Cartridge (#EU2T)
  • 177 GB 1.8-inch SSD Read Intensive (#ES0Y/#ES0Z)
  • 571 GB 15K RPM 528 SAS Disk Drive (#ESDE/#ESDN/#ESDJ)
  • 600 GB 15K RPM 5xx SAS Disk Drive (#ESDK/#ESDP/#ESDF)
  • 387 GB  4K SSD Drive (#ES0V/#ES0R/#ES0U/#ES0Q)
  • 775 GB 4K SSD Drive (#ES0X/#ES0T/#ES0W/#ES0S)
  • 283/571 GB 15K RPM SAS 4K (#ESEY/#ESFA/#ESFE/#ESFN) adds VIOS
  • PCIe Crypto Coprocessor (#EJ27/#EJ28/#EJ29)

Hardware Enhancements - Functional

  • Decreased Minimum Loadsource Size

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