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This download document provides a step-by-step starting guide to download and install IBM Healthcare Provider Data Model (HCPDM) version 8.8.

Download Description

The goal of this document is to provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step starting guide in order for you to download, install and quickly access the HCPDM models and related documentation.

To get a general overview about the HCPDM models, including an executive summary, please take a look at the product information page:

1. Getting the pre-requisite software

You can choose to deploy HCPDM usingIBM InfoSphere Data Architect (IDA) (along with IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary (IBG)) or CA ERwin Data Modeler.

While IDA and CA ERwin are available as a stand-alone software package, IBG is a component of IBM InfoSphere Information Server Business Information Exchange which you will need to download and install. The following table provides you with a summary on what to download and takes you to the relevant software version dowload page.
Link to Download page Note
IBM InfoSphere Data Architect v9.1
IBM InfoSphere Information Server Business Information Exchange 9.1 Alternatively, IBG is also available as part of IBM InfoSphere Information Server v9.1.2
CA ERwin v8.2 Search for version
The versions listed above are the recommended versions as formally tested with the Industry Models at the time of the release. If you wish to find out if more recent version of the software above is supported, please contact the IBM Industry Models support team.

  • Extending your IDA installation with the IBG for Eclipse Plugin
    After you have completed the IBG and IDA installation, you will need to extend IDA with the InfoSphere Business Glossary for Eclipse. This to enable you to download the Business terms into IDA and map from the business terms to the IDA Models.
    The IBG for Eclipse client is available from your IBM InfoSphere Information Server installation. More details on how to download and install are available from the Installing IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary Client for Eclipse section of the IBM InfoSphere Information Server Information center.

2. Download Instructions

The latest release is available for download from theIBM Passport Advantage website.

Please use this image if you have purchased IBM Healthcare Provider Data Model
Image Filename Part Number
IBM Healthcare Provider Data Model 8.8.0 Windows English CIR6UEN
IBM Healthcare Provider Data Model Quick Start Guide English Ind_Models_HCPDM_QuickStart.pdf CIR6TEN

3. Installation Instructions

To Install:
- Extract all the files from the Download Package.
- Navigate to the Disk1 folder.
- Double click on setup.exe.
- Follow the instructions in the installation wizards

Or for Accessibility support, to Install using the installer with screen reader software:
- Extract all the files from the Download Package.
- Install the Java Access Bridge and enable it for using screen reader software.
- Ensure Java is executable from all paths.
- Navigate to the "Disk1\InstData\NoVM" folder.
- Double click on Install.exe.
- Follow the instructions in the installation wizards

4. Getting the Documentation

The Documentation is available from the HCPDM for InfoSphere Information Center installed as part of the HCPDM installation on your local machine. You can access it from the following Windows Start Menu shortcut:
Start --> All Programs --> IBM --> Industry Models --> Healthcare Provider Data Model --> v8.8.0.0 --> HCPDM Information Center.

The following Downloadable documentation is also available:
Title Published Date
Release Notes 21-Nov-2013
Change Documents 21-Nov-2013
Deploying IBM Industry Data Models on a Netezza appliance 27-Feb-2013

5. FAQ / Known Issues

The following are Frequently Asked Questions or Known Issues relevant to version 8.8 of HCPDM

7. Opening a PMR and information to provide to Support

To get support, please open a Service Request (PMR) using the IBM Service Request (SR) tool.
If you haven't used the SR tool before, please register by following the instructions from the IBM Service Request Quick Start

If your query is related to HCPDM, please choose IBM Healthcare Provider Data Model as a product. If your query is related to the IDA or IBG tool, please select the appropriate product from the list.

8. Education

Investing into HCPDM Quick Start Education sessions can improve your knowledge and understanding of the models and maximise their benefits.
More information is available from the following page: Getting education on IBM Industry Models

[{"Product":{"code":"SS9NBR","label":"IBM Unified Data Model for Healthcare"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Component":"--","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"8.8.0","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}}]

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