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IBM FlashSystem FS900 & FS840 Remote Support Overview

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IBM® highly encourages you to take advantage of IBM Call Home and Remote Support and
all its related features to allow you and IBM to partner for your success.


IBM Call Home is a support function embedded in all IBM storage products. By enabling Call Home, the health and functionality of your system is constantly monitored. Should a software or hardware error occur, the Call Home function notifies IBM Support of the event. The function then automatically opens a service request and transfers preliminary critical diagnostic data to authorized support personnel. By obtaining information in this way, IBM Support is better able to quickly identify problems and develop an action plan for problem resolution giving you a more effective first contact support session and ultimately, an overall reduction in time to resolution.
The enablement of Remote Support can further reduce time to resolution for those incidents, where IBM Support needs to interact with your storage system.
The remote support function allows IBM Support to remotely and securely access your storage system when needed during a support call. By using remote support, the customer initiates a secure connection from IBM FlashSystemTM FS900 and IBM FlashSystemTM FS840, when problems arise. An IBM remote support specialist can then connect to the system to analyze the problem, repair it remotely if possible, or assist an IBM SSR, who is onsite.
Remote support minimizes the time it takes to diagnose and remedy storage system operational issues.
Continue reading the attached document for a detailed explanation of IBM Call Home and Remote Support, to gain maximum benefit out of these support features for your own IBM storage systems:
• Rapid access to system inventory
• Automatic reporting of errors to IBM including support requests
• Faster diagnostics and time to repair
• Access to customized maintenance information
• Proactive Analytics of diagnostics that can be used to prevent issues.
• IBM uses this data to initiate preventive measures if certain signatures are visible.
Collectively these translate to improved availability of your FlashSystem.

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17 June 2018