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IBM DataPower Gateways Firmware Support Lifecycle



This document provides information on the IBM DataPower Gateway Firmware Support Lifecycle.


IBM® DataPower® Gateway is a purpose-built gateway that provides security, traffic control, mediation and optimized access to a full range of mobile, web, application programming interface (API), service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B and cloud workloads. It supports multi-cloud deployment and is available in Docker container, Linux application, VMware virtual machine, and physical appliance form factors.

IBM provides flexible support options to meet the needs of your business and minimize any business impact. The IBM DataPower Gateways end-of-service support policy applies differently between hardware and firmware.


DataPower physical appliances are supported for a minimum of five years, starting at the General Availability (GA) date of the new product. Beginning with the 8436 models, standard appliance service and support is available for five years from the end-of-marketing (EOM) date as described in the IBM Appliance Support Guide.

For end-of-service information on physical appliances, see Lifecycle dates for the Appliance Hardware Machine Types (MT): 8436 and 8441.


Businesses are building modernized digital platforms to drive innovation and disruption within the industry. IBM DataPower Gateways are a core component in these platforms and it needs to deliver new business functionality to keep pace with business innovation.

Effective with version 7.6, the firmware delivery model for the DataPower Gateway introduces a Continuous Delivery (CD) model to accelerate delivery of new capabilities to meet market demand. As part of the CD model, the product has two release streams: a CD release stream for rapidly delivering new functionality and a Long-Term Support (LTS or LTSR) release stream for delivering key security updates and defect fixes.

CD release

  • Provides incremental new functionality on a regular cadence. CD update packages are intended for customers that want to leverage the latest features and capabilities and can update the product frequently.
  • Released approximately once per quarter.
  • Only the most recent update package is supported at a specific time until this release stream is promoted to an LTS release. After promotion, no previous CD update packages are supported. There is no extended support plan available for any CD update package.
  • New functionality, defect fixes, and security updates are all made available through a CD update package. Product fixes, as determined by IBM, are provided through individual product fixes only on the most recent CD update package.

LTS release

  • In the initial release, includes the functionality introduced in previous CD update packages as well as new functionality that was not in these CD update packages.
  • Provides defect fixes and security updates but does not add new functionality in fix packs. LTS releases are intended for customers that require the highest levels of stability.
  • Released approximately once per year.
  • Supported for a minimum of 2 years. There is no extended support plan available for any LTS release. IBM publishes a notice of support discontinuance (end-of-service) for an LTS release at least 12 months before the effective date.

Note: IBM DataPower Gateway customers can use the following table to track how long their version and release of a particular firmware level is supported. By using the information in this table, customers can effectively plan their firmware investment without gaps in support.

Release Support model GA date End-of-service date Comment
10.0.x CD Mar 2021 10.0.x CD update package stream adds features that are not in the 10.0.1 LTS stream.
10.0.1 LTS Sep 2020
10.0.0 CD Jun 2020 17 Aug 2020 10.0.0 CD update package steam renamed and replaced by 10.0.1 long-term support stream
2018.4 LTS Nov 2018 30 Apr 2023 2018.x Withdrawal Announcement
7.7 CD Mar 2018 15 Nov 2018 7.7 CD update package steam renamed and replaced by 2018.4 long-term support stream
7.6 LTS Jul 2017 31 Dec 2019 7.6 Withdrawal Announcement
Traditional Mar 2016
Jun 2016
Sep 2016
30 Apr 2019 7.5.x Withdrawal Announcement
7.2.0 Traditional Jun 2015 30 Sep 2018 7.2.0 Withdrawal Announcement
7.1.0 Traditional Nov 2014 30 Sep 2018 7.1.0 Withdrawal Announcement
7.0.0 Traditional Jun 2014 30 Sep 2017 7.0.0 Withdrawal Announcement
6.0.2 Traditional May 2015 31 Dec 2019 6.0.2 Withdrawal Announcement
6.0.1 Traditional Dec 2013 19 Jun 2016 6.0.1 Withdrawal Announcement
6.0.0 Traditional Jun 2013 19 Jun 2016 6.0.0 Withdrawal Announcement


  • For information on current DataPower firmware versions, see Supported firmware versions and recommended levels for IBM DataPower Gateways products.
  • Refer to the Contacting Support page for how to reach IBM DataPower Gateways Support.
  • Customers are responsible for completing migration activities to currently supported levels before a release level reaches end-of-support.
  • Short duration support extensions are available on a case-by-case basis, for an extra fee, immediately following the end-of-support for a specific firmware level. Extensions would be for a limited time period with limited terms and conditions. An extension is intended to provide support while customers complete their migration to a supported release.

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