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IBM Content Navigator v2.0.3 is adding a .dat extension to a CSV file during Download action on a document.



IBM Content Navigator v2.0.3 is adding a .dat extension to a CSV document during Download action on the document.


A .dat extension is added to the CSV document upon download.


A CSV document is basically a plain text file. If the mime type of the document as shown in system properties in ICN is not text/csv, then Navigator cannot recognize the document and a .dat extension will be added upon download. The correct mime type for a CSV file is text/csv.

Resolving The Problem

If there are CSV document already in the content repository with a mime type that is not text/csv, then in order to view them in a text editor (ex. Notepad), you may use the following workaround:
- save the document to the local machine with .dat extension
- right click on the .dat file and click Open With...
- click 'Choose your default program...'
- then select Notepad or another text editor of your choice
- select the checkbox 'Always use the selected program to open this type of file'

The other alternative is to change the mimetype of the document in the content repository using a custom solution written using the repository's client APIs.

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17 June 2018