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IBM Content Navigator with IBM Docs Integration automatically updates the document title to include the file extension

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IBM Content Navigator adds the file extension to the document title property of a new document after you use IBM Docs to edit the document.


When you create a document in IBM Content Navigator, you enter a document title. However, after you open the document in IBM Docs, the document title is updated to include the file extension.

The following example shows the sequence for changes to the document title property:

    1. In the IBM Content Navigator web client, click New Document > New Spreadsheet.
      The file extension for an open document spreadsheet is .ods.
    2. Enter the document title, for example, MyDocument.
      In IBM Content Navigator, the document title is set to MyDocument.
    3. Open the spreadsheet document in IBM Docs.
      In IBM Content Navigator, the document title is still displayed as MyDocument.
    4. Switch to the IBM Content Navigator web client, and refresh or view the document properties.
      In IBM Content Navigator, the document title changes to MyDocument.ods.

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Modified date:
17 June 2018