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IBM Connections 6.0 CR requirements for IBM FileNet for use with Connections Content Manager (CCM)

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This document contains information on the requirements for IBM FileNet for use with IBM Connections 6.0 CR Connections Content Manager (CCM)


IBM Connections 6.0 environments using Connections Content Management (CCM) are required to upgrade the FileNet installation as part of the upgrade to a 6.0 Cumulative Refresh (CR).

  • There are no Filenet Component updates required for IBM Connections 6.0 IFR1. The IFR1 installation defaults to the fix packs listed below.
  • There are no FileNet upgrades when upgrading from IC 6.0 CR1/IC6.0 IFR1 to IC 6.0 CR2 or higher
  • IBM Connections 6.0 CR1 requires an upgrade for the FileNet Content Engine Server.

Table of Contents:

Section 1 - Important notes

  • These procedures are required only if you have installed Connections Content Manager (CCM) in IBM Connections 6.0.

Section 2 - Compatibility table

Review this table to find the FileNet version compatible with the Connections 6.0 CR version:

Required version for IBM Connections 6.0
FileNet Content Engine Server
FileNet Content Engine Client
FileNet Collaboration Services (FNCS )
(as part of IBM Content Navigator) **

** IC 6.0 CR1 does not require an update to ICN however there is a requirement to have the binary file available to update the FNCE Client.

Section 3 - Download table

Here are the direct download links for the FileNet fixpacks and interim fixes compatible with Connections:

Note: If a problem occurs selecting a download link, close your browser and clear the browser cache

Download table for IC 6.0 CR1:

FileNet Component AIX Linux Windows
CR1 FileNet Content Engine Server
FileNet Content Engine Client
IBM Content Navigator

(FileNet Collaboration Services (FNCS))

2.0.3-ICN-FP008-AIX 2.0.3-ICN-FP008-LINUX 2.0.3-ICN-FP008-WIN

Section 4 - Installation instructions

It is important that you understand requirements and dependencies before updating FileNet. The topic Updating IBM Connections 6.0 with the latest Cumulative Refresh (CR) has important information that must be followed when applying IBM Connections 6.0 CRs and the subtopic Post-update tasks has information on deploying the latest FileNet FixPacks and Interim Fixes.

Installation instructions for the FileNet fixpacks with IBM Connections are detailed in "Section 5 - Instructions on applying Cumulative Refresh (CR) updates" in the Upgrade Strategy for IBM Connections 6.0 document.

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23 May 2019