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IBM Software Handbook and IBM Cognos Support Plans and User Guide.


IBM Software Handbook
The IBM Software Handbook provides information on the support service offerings currently available from IBM.

IBM Cognos Support User Guide
Information from the IBM Cognos Support User Guide can now be found in the IBM Support Handbook. The topics covered in the Handbook include:

  • Acquisition information
  • Key dates
  • Links to all available customer communications regarding the transition to IBM
Cognos Support Offerings
  • Instructions for customers who have purchased Cognos Support offerings
Information for all Cognos Customers
  • Explanation of the Cognos Product Lifecycle
  • Technical and Business Resources
  • Renewal Cycle and Continued Coverage
  • Additional Customer Resources

Go to for information on handling Service Requests, including:

For a list of IBM Cognos Customer Support Frequently Asked Questions please go to the FAQ.

Implementation Assistance

IBM Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology (SIM) is a step-by-step guide to help ensure implementation success. Development activities, proven practices, tips, guidelines, tools, and role definitions are tailored to address the implementation lifecycle for each product.


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