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This technote was used to download the Apple Push Notifications Certificate. However, due to changes with Apple and IBM Corporations Notification system, this Certificate is no longer be needed.

Download Description

The 'Apple Push Notification Certificate' is no longer available for Download.
Recently, Apple Corporation decommissioned their Apple Push Notifications endpoints that used this Certificate.  For continued notifications, that the IBM Cognos Mobile Reports App received an update, customers need to upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics CA11.1.7 IF005 or higher.  IBM incorporated a new faculty to send these notifications that is transparent to the Cognos Administrators and for users.

To be able to stop notifications that the APNS Certificate expired, in older Cognos Analytics installations you need to change the setting in Mobile Administration Server Configuration from 'Name' to 'None'.


IBM Cognos Analytics CA11.1.7 interim fix 005 or higher.

Installation Instructions

As older IBM Cognos Analytics installations still expect the APNS Certificate to help connect to Apple Corporations servers, you need to turn off this function.
Log on to your Cognos Analytics GUI, use a browser and a System Administrator Account.
Navigate to the Administration Console:
  • Select Manage;
  • Select Administration Console;
  • Select the Mobile Tab;
  • In the left side menu, select Server Configuration;
  • For the parameter "Support for Apple push notifications", enter the word None;
  • Select Apply Mobile Configuration button;

The direct link for this process, use this link.  To change product versions, select the appropriate version in the Drop Down on the left side of the page.

How critical is this fix?

This change in 'Apple Corporations' offerings prevents IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile Reports App from receiving expected notifications.  All IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and Cognos Analytics installations older that CA11.1.7 interim fix 005 including all C10.2.x versions.

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Modified date:
30 August 2021