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IBM Cognos BI Content Manager Browser Diagnostic



Reports detailed information for all objects and properties in the Content Manager database.

Download Description

For each object within the Content Manager database, the user can review the properties, and their respective value settings.

Certain Advantages
  • Analyze objects, parent child relationship between objects, inheritance level, properties and their values
  • A quick search tool for Objects
  • A tree view of your Content Manager objects and properties


  • Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • JRE version 16.x or higher must be installed
  • Sun Microsystems Java (Java) must be in the system path

Installation Instructions

  • Download the tool from the ftp site
  • A folder IBMCognosBI_CMBrowser is created when you extract the files
  • To run Content Manager Browser double click on the file IBMCognosBI_CMBrowser
  • For more information please see the documentation in the pdf available with the tool

Download Package

This diagnostic tool is provided is an as-is.  For modifications, upgrades or any other customization contact Developer Services for an estimate: or visit 
IBM Data & AI Expert Labs Development Services for information about services available.

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