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IBM ClassLoader Analyzer is a graphical analysis tool for Java classes, classloaders and libraries.


  1. Download:
  2. Open a terminal or command prompt and change directory to where you downloaded the JAR file.
  3. Ensure that Java is on your PATH to run the tool.
  4. Launch the tool:
    java -Xmx1g -jar ica*.jar

Additional Information

This tool allows you to analyze Java classes, Java classloaders and libraries from Java classloader trace files and IBM javacore files.
Main screen
  • Calculation of number of classeloaders, classes and loaded libraries from javacore
  • Automatic detection of classloader leak suspects from javacore
  • Suspect view with total number of classes and loaded classes from javacore
  • Classloader and class tree view from javacore
  • Classloader view with loaded classes from javacore
  • Library tree view for classloaders from javacore
  • Automatic detection of javacore and classloader trace
  • Automatic detection of suspect classes loaded multiple times from classloader trace
  • Suspect class view from classloader trace
  • Jar and class tree view from classloader trace
For additional details, see the Help documentation from within the tool.
This tool is provided as is without any warranty or support. The tool was originally created by Jinwoo Hwang. Since Mr. Hwang's departure from IBM, the tool is maintained as time permits by Kevin Grigorenko (

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20 November 2019