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This document describes how to download IBM® CICS® TX on Cloud V10.1 using the IBM Passport Advantage® Online Web site.

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IBM CICS TX on Cloud (CICS TX) is a mixed language application server built on top of the capabilities of IBM TXSeries® for Multiplatforms (TXSeries), V9.1. It delivers a general purpose and robust transaction processor for cloud. CICS TX supports a subset of APIs and features of CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS), and provides cloud deployment options for suitable applications for either standalone deployment or in conjunction with CICS TS or TXSeries.

Installation Instructions

Downloading the product

Download the e-assembly image mentioned below.

  • Unpack (untar or unzip using operating system specific utilities) the e-assembly into the temporary directory on the target system used to host the image. The file must remain archived and compressed if downloaded to a Microsoft Windows environment to avoid file corruption when decompressing, and must be unpacked only on the target platform.
  • Follow the instructions in the Getting started topic available in IBM Knowledge Center.

Download Package

Table 1 represents the requirements and e-assembly image for IBM CICS TX on Cloud V10.1. 

Supported platform

Detailed system requirements

Space requirements

E-assembly image

Release date

Linux on x86

Click here.

440 MB of disk space to store the downloadable image.



Table 1: Requirements and e-assembly image

Link to IBM Passport Advantage  :


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08 January 2021