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IBM Behavior Based Customer Insight for Communication Service Providers V1.0 is now available



Behavior Based Customer Insight for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) availability is announced.


This solution includes advanced and predictive analytics of customer activity across locations, devices, applications and interests to help drive improved marketing and customer care performance. 

Behavior-Based Customer Insight for CSPs
 provides a two-part value proposition for a communications service provider: correlating Net Promoter Score (NPS) with the customer experience and understanding customer needs and preferences.

  • Correlate NPS and customer experience 
    NPS is an excellent indicator of future revenue and profits. It is based on a survey conducted with a sample or subset of the customer base, and it is therefore very difficult to relate a subjective score from a survey to the daily job of running the network. Behavior-Based Customer Insight for CSPs addresses this issue by linking various data sources to build the profiles of a typical promoter and detractor from the survey results. It then infers those profiles across the customer base to gauge NPS for all customers based on similar experiences.
    The solution combines all data sets such as 2G, 3G and 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) data; NPS survey results; cell data; customer relationship management (CRM) data; and device provisioning to create a single subscriber analytics record for each subscriber. It then employs predictive models to correlate subscriber analytics records to identify and address root causes for poor NPS results. 
  • Improve understanding of customer needs and preferences
    Behavior-Based Customer Insight for CSPs analyzes subscriber usage to understand interests and preferences. The solution analyzes how much time subscribers spend using their devices to browse, search, read and stream information. Subscribers are categorized into hundreds of micro-segments — for example, suburban, dual-income affluent sports fan interested in golf, football and soccer — based on this analysis, which in turn drives targeted marketing offers for new services, upgrade and add-on offers. Offers for new services may include mobile streaming for  an upcoming golf tournament such as the PGA Masters, football game series such as NFL Sunday or an international soccer tournament, such as the World Cup. Upgrade offers include prepaid-to-postpaid conversation offers as well as upgrades from 2G to 3G or 3G to 4G LTE. Others may include offers for add-ons such as voice or data roaming or unlimited WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook usage, and retention tactics.

Details on the new release, including information on how to order it, are available in the announcement

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