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Readme file for: Synthetic Playback Agent for IBM Cloud Application Performance Management Interim Fix 5
Product/Component Release: 8.1.4
Update Name:
Fix ID:
Publication Date: 22 March 2019
Last modified date: 22 March 2019


Download location
Prerequisites and co-requisites
Known issues
Known limitations
Installation information
Troubleshooting installation problems from the Support site
Additional information
New Features
List of fixes
Document change history

Download location

IMPORTANT NOTE: To download this update, you must first login to IBM Fix Central using the link below . Once logged in, you may select from the individual download packages. When selecting fixes, ensure your download options are set to "Include requisites: Yes".

Fix Download for Linux

Below is a list of components, platforms, and file names that apply to this Readme file.

Product / Component Name Platform Fix
IBM Cloud APM Synthetic Playback agent Linux x86_64

Prerequisites and co-requisites

General description 

This is an interim fix for the Synthetic Playback Agent provided with IBM Cloud Application Performance Management family of products, Version  

It includes fixes for the Synthetic Playback Agent and upgrades the agent  from version,, , or to

The Synthetic Playback Agent must already be installed before you can apply this interim fix.

Platforms and prerequisites 

The Synthetic Playback Agent is supported on the platforms documented here.

Prerequisites for this interim fix 

The interim fix for the Synthetic Playback Agent is intended to be applied to the Synthetic Playback Agent version,,, or  which is provided with:

IBM Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Base Private, Version
IBM Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Advanced Private, Version

IBM Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Base, Version
IBM Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Advanced, Version

Known issues


Known limitations

  • 1. The Selenium IDE commands are not very consistent with them on SN IF05, so some of the commands can work well on IDE but can't be supported on SN IF05

  • Here is the table of comparison for commands between IDE 3.2.X/3.3.X and SN IF05

Commands Work on IDE (Yes or No) Work on SN IF05 (Yes or No)
add selection Yes Yes
answer on next prompt Yes Yes
assert Yes No
assert alert Yes Yes
assert checked Yes Yes
assert not checked Yes Yes
assert confirmation Yes Yes
assert editable Yes Yes
assert not editable Yes Yes
assert element present Yes Yes
assert element not present Yes Yes
assert prompt Yes Yes
assert selected value Yes Yes
assert not selected value Yes Yes
assert selected label Yes Yes
assert text Yes Yes
assert not text Yes Yes
assert title Yes Yes
assert value Yes Yes
choose cancel on next confirmation Yes Yes
choose cancel on next prompt Yes Yes
choose ok on next confirmation Yes Yes
click Yes Yes
click at Yes Yes
check Yes Yes
do Yes No
double click Yes Yes
double click at Yes Yes
drag and drop to object Yes Yes
echo Yes Yes
else Yes No
else if Yes No
end Yes No
execute script Yes No
execute async script Yes No
edit content Yes Yes
if Yes No
mouse down at Yes Yes
mouse move at Yes Yes
mouse out Yes Yes
mouse over Yes Yes
mouse up at Yes Yes
open Yes Yes
pause Yes Yes
remove selection Yes Yes
repeat if Yes No
run Yes No
run script Yes Yes
select Yes Yes
select frame Yes Yes
select window Yes Yes
send keys Yes Yes
set speed Yes Yes
store Yes Yes
store attribute Yes No
store text Yes Yes
store value Yes No
store title Yes Yes
store xpath count Yes No
submit Yes Yes
times Yes No
type Yes Yes
uncheck Yes Yes
verify Yes No
verify checked Yes Yes
verify not checked Yes Yes
verify editable Yes Yes
verify not editable Yes Yes
verify element present Yes Yes
verify element not present Yes Yes
vefify selected value Yes Yes
verify not selected value Yes Yes
verify text Yes Yes
verify not text Yes Yes
verify title Yes Yes
verify value Yes Yes
verify selected label Yes Yes
webdriver anwser on visible prompt Yes No
webdriver choose cancel on visible confirmation Yes No
webdriver choose cancel on visible prompt Yes No
webdriver choose ok on visible confirmation Yes No
while Yes No
  • 2. The locator linkText is not supported in SN IF05.

    • The supported locators are shown as below.
      • identifier
      • id
      • name
      • dom
      • xpath
      • link
      • css
    •  The supported locators for `frame` are shown as below.
      • relative
      • index
      • relativetop
      • relativeparent
  • 3. There is no such command like clickAndWait/waitForElementPresent in IDE 3.2.X/3.3.X.
    • Selenium IDE will now automatically wait for you, at every command, every command will wait for the page to load. But SN IF05 does not wait for the element or the page to load. In this case, we have two solutions as below.
    • You can add pause command so that your case can pass in SN IF05.
    • The command click can wait for the element to load. For example as below, you can click the element firstly so that the element can be loaded. And then you can take other action for the loaded element.
Command Target Value
open /
click id=username
type id=username testuser

That is, we have to wait for the element with click command instead of AndWait/waitFor command now.

  • Below wait commands are supported Selenium IDE 3.4.0
    • wait for element editable
    • wait for element not editable
    • wait for element present
    • wait for element not present
    • wait for element visible
    • wait for element not visible

  • 4. Flow control is not supported in SN IF05.
    • Flow control commands are not supported in SN IF05, such as, if/else/while.
    • If you want to use the flow control, you have to write the javascript snippet and use the command run script to run it.

      Note: The locator linkText / Flow control / clickAndWait/wait commands will be supported in APM 8.1.4 IF06 with IDE 3.5.X

Installation information

Prior to installation

The Synthetic Playback Agent version,,, or must be installed before applying the interim fix. 

The agent is restarted as part of applying the patch.


Installing the IBM Cloud Application Performance Management Server update 

  1. Download the patch bundle from Fix Central: 
    • Download
  2. Use the command `firefox -version` to check the version. If the version is  not  60.4.0ESR, update Firefox to version 60.4.0ESR.  Versions other than 60.4.0ESR  are not supported. Firefox must installed into /opt.

  3. Unpack the patch bundle on each computer system where the data collector is already installed by using the tar utility
  4. Enter the created directory 
  5. Please stop agent instances first, then run the tool: 
    Run the script to apply the patch:

    ./ [<APM agent install directory>] 

    Notes: the <APM agent install directory> parameter only needs to be provided if the agent is installed in a non-default directory.

Performing the necessary tasks after installation

A successful installation modifies the Synthetic Playback Agent version to

Run the <agent-home>/agent/bin/cinfo -i command and verify that the km agent version is

Run the command crontab -l and get below output :
* * * * * sh /opt/packages/ 

Run the command /opt/firefox/firefox -v get below output:

Mozilla Firefox 60.4.0 

There is a dependency between the Synthetic Playback agent interim fix and the Cloud APM Server Interim Fix 8 or a later interim fix. It is recommended that you install the latest Cloud APM server interim fix after you update your playback agents so that you can use Selenium .side scripts.  

Uninstalling if necessary

This maintenance package cannot be rolled back. If necessary you can uninstall and reinstall the monitoring agent and patches.

For detailed instructions to uninstall monitoring agents, please refer to the IBM Application Performance Management guide, here: 

Troubleshooting installation problems from the Support site

For more detailed information, refer to the Troubleshooting and support Guide: 

Additional information

The Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) checksum of the image is as follows:
SHA1( 9900a88f7f9f3e19407b10449da59e2f76908aef

Image Contents 

he following files implement this fix.
- - This README file

- - For extracting patch files use the tar utility.

Extracting the above bundle (.tar) creates the following directory and patch files:
|-- patches

New Features
Support .side script recorded by Selenium IDE 3.2.X or 3.3.X
Support playback by Firefox 60.4.0 ESR


List of fixes

The following problems are addressed by this interim fix.



IBM Cloud Application Performance Management Synthetic Playback agent defects: 
135006: script has been added in SN IF3. Every minute customer is receiving an email

Enhancements included from previous interim fixes: 
  • None

APARs and defects included in previous interim fixes: 
  • 129371: Support Firefox 52.x ESR
  • 131008: make synthetic agent 8.14 to be GDPR compliant
  • 132308: include the script into the patch


Document change history

Version Date Description of change
1.0 22 March 2019 Initial Version

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU004","label":"Hybrid Cloud"},"Product":{"code":"SSVJUL","label":"IBM Application Performance Management"},"Component":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"}],"Version":"8.1.4","Edition":""}]

Document Information

Modified date:
10 April 2019