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IBM AIX MustGather: How to upload diagnostic data and testcases to IBM

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How to upload diagnostic data and testcases to IBM?


This document provides step-by-step instructions for uploading diagnostic data and testcases to IBM secured support servers. IBM provides multiple methods to upload data based on geography, network bandwidth, firewall policies, and government regulations.
The instructions in this document make references to generic terms in Italics which need to replaced with information specific to the support call and the environment. To ensure prompt delivery, it is important that consistent and accurate values be used in place of the Italicized generic terms during data collection, packaging, and uploading.
Generic Term
Replace with
IBM Case number (For example, TS001234567)..
Your email address (For example,
Directory with file(s) that need to be uploaded to IBM testcase server(For example, /tmp/some-dir)
Brand new directory name (For example, /tmp/TS001234567)
The name of the file, or "*" for all the files in the directory.
Step-by-Step Instructions

GDPR Compliance

Per the new Government Data Protection(GDPR) regulations specific to company and personal information(PI), it is not permitted to receive and use any company data through email. The email and data will be deleted immediately by support teams if received as inserted text in the email or as an attachment.

We recommend the following instructions for uploading all new data and information to our secured and approved data servers.


Before uploading diagnostic data using any of the listed upload methods, it is recommended that file names be prefixed with the CASE (IBM support call) number.

Prefixing the file name(s) with the CASE number expedites the delivery of the testcase data to the support team and improves the response and resolution times of the issue being reported.

Once the data has been collected and packaged, follow the instructions for the upload option (below) that works best for the environment and geography.

Option 1:

North American Upload Server

This North American based upload server is available for all customers. Due to its geographic location, uploading to this server may be easier and faster for North American based customers. For customers located in other countries or customers with strict firewall or workstation policies, using the Global ECuRep Upload Server (Option #2) may be a better solution (use this option when other options are not operational).


A. Secure Upload (HTTPS)

Using the secure IBM ID and password provided by your IBM account team or representative, data can be uploaded from a secure browser connection using the URL:


B. Traditional FTP Upload

Each file or multiple files can be uploaded using a traditional FTP site by typing these instructions from a command prompt:

Before uploading, create a brand new directory, copy all the files to be uploaded to the new directory,package, and upload as follows:




# tar -cvf - FILES_TO_UPLOAD | compress -c > "CASE".#.tar.Z


# is a sequence number like 1, 2 etc. or the date to ensure each file placed on the testcase server is unique

# ftp

login: anonymous


cd /toibm/aix



put "CASE".#.tar.Z


Option 2:

Global ECuRep Upload Server

The primary web page for the Global ECuRep Upload Server:


provides complete details for uploading data using the Global ECuRep Upload services. The three most common methods for uploading data are:


A. Secure Upload (HTTPS)

To upload data using a secured browser connection, follow the instructions provided on the web page:


B. Traditional Upload (HTTP)

To upload data using a traditional browser connection, follow the instructions provided on the web page:


C. Traditional FTP Upload

To upload data using a traditional FTP connection, follow the instructions provided on this web page:

Option 3:

Blue Diamond Upload Server

US Federal Health Care regulations require US service companies to provide secure upload servers to protect personal information.

US based customers in the health care industry who have registered for this service can upload data to the Blue Diamond Upload Server:

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12 November 2019