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IBM® Maximo® Mobile for EAM app overview

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By using IBM Maximo® Mobile for EAM, technicians can complete work orders and inspections with minimal fuss. Maximo® Asset Management customers download the IBM® Maximo® Mobile for EAM app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

The functions in Maximo Mobile for EAM are also available in Maximo Asset Management. From the side navigation menu, click Work Orders > Role Based Applications or for inventory features, click Inventory > Role Based Applications.






Approve, assign, and monitor work. This function is only visible to users who have the authority to approve work.

From 8.3

Assets See the details of all your assets, including their specifications and associated meters. From 8.9

Assets & Digital Twin

Access real-time data from operating assets to learn, diagnose, and take action.

Not available from version 8.10

Asset Manager See the details of all your assets, including their specifications and associated meters. From 8.9

Help & Support

Learn more about how to use the app.

All releases


Input results in predefined forms and easily review previous results.

All releases

Inventory Counting Use count book, ad hoc count, and reconciliation to ensure valid inventory balances. From Maximo Asset Management (Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.8)
Inventory Receiving In the Inventory Receiving function, storeroom clerks can receive materials from purchase orders. As part of the receiving activity, the storeroom clerk can inspect and return items, and view or void receipts. From Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.10


View the locations of your work on a map and plan your route. The map function requires IBM Maximo Spatial to be installed.

All releases

Materials & Tools

See a checklist of the materials and tools that you need to complete your work.

All releases

My Schedule

View detailed information about your work and complete work orders.

All releases

Service Request

Open a service request to report an issue.

From 8.3


Specify your preferences for the app.

All releases

Optional functions





Get AI insights to increase fix rate and receive remote expert assistance.

All releases

Map functions




Layers icon

Add or remove layers to see different information on the map.

All releases

Save location icon

Save your GPS location

From Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.3

Identify icon

Identify both visible and hidden features on the map

From Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.3

More options icon Access more options From Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.9
Offline map icon Download map for offline use From Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.8
Indoor maps icon Select a building a view the floor plans From Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.9
Search icon Search the map From Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.9
Related record icon View related records From Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.9
2. Overview video

Additional Information

Topic Time
Get materials and tools 00:57
Check the map 01:30
Start work 02:08
Complete the task list 02:45
Complete an inspection 03:10
Add a note to the log 04:16
Report a failure 04:36
*Note that on your screen, the Start work button name might be named Start travel. If your organization starts tracking your work when you arrive at the work site, the button is named Start work. If your organization starts tracking your work when you begin your journey to the work site, the button is named Start travel.
3. What's new in Maximo Mobile for EAM
Work orders Inspections Maps
Save my location 1
  • Save your device's location to the work order. 
Asset history icon 0
  • Review the work order history of the asset on the work order. 
  • Enter craft and skill information in new fields on the work order.
  •  View your inspections on a map by opening the Map tab.
  • Scan a barcode to identify an asset.
Jump to question
  • Jump to a specific question on the inspection form.
Your map location
  • See the location of your device on the map.
Work orders Assets and locations Inspections
 Add icon
  • Create work orders from the Navigator.
Edit work order
  • Edit work order details.
  • Request unplanned materials.
  • Get planned items.
  • Report premium labor and see labor transactions for other users.
 Asset up or down
  • Report whether an asset is up or down.
  • View multiple assets or locations on a work order.
  • Scan an asset or a location's QR code.
 Batch inspections
  • Report batch inspections.
  • Change the status of the inspection to Cancel or Archive.
  • Add conditional questions based on numeric responses. 
New functions! Work orders Assets and locations Inspections Maps
 Approvals icon
  • Review and approve work orders
  • Open service requests to report problems
  • Report actual tools used on a work order
  • Sign-off on work order changes by adding a physical signature
  • Review material requests that you created
 Asset and location history icon
  • Review the history of an asset or location on a work order
  • Review previous inspection results
 Identify icon
  • Identify features on a map
Work orders Assets and locations Create inspection forms * Conduct inspections
  • View your work list as tasks instead of work orders.
  • Report actual materials from reservations.
  • Specify the task that is charged when you request unplanned materials.
  • Report labor and materials by task.
  • Create requests for rotating items.
  • Specify a type for your note in the work log.
  • Specify an asset and location on a work order by selecting from a list.
  • Enable a physical signature field.
  • Add Multiple choice respond field.
*These enhancements are available only to customers who have Maximo Mobile.
  • Add a physical signature.
  • Choose Multiple responses to inspection questions.
  • When you open the Conduct an Inspection Work Center, you are now automatically redirected to Maximo Mobile Inspections in your browser
Work orders Inspection forms Inspections
  • Review safety plan information on the work order, including hazards and precautions, so that you can be fully prepared for your work.
  • Specify relationships between work orders and tasks so that only when a task is completed, the next task in the flow can be started. The sequence can be defined in a work template at the job plan level.
  • Configure voice inspections so that inspectors can complete hands-free inspections.
  • In the Manage Inspection Forms tool, specify validation rules for numeric fields.
  • In the Manage Inspections Forms tool, link from an existing domain to a single choice field or a multiple choice field so that an inspector can complete a field by selecting values from a list.
  • Use voice inspections to complete hands-free inspections on your mobile device. The inspection form is read aloud, and your verbal responses are recorded on the form.
  • Create unscheduled inspections to track your work when unexpected work arises.
  • When GPS is enabled on your mobile device, your geographical location is saved every time that you update a field in the inspection form. This feature is controlled by the system property.
New function! Work orders Defects Inspection forms Inspections
  • In the new Assets function, you can see the details of all your assets, including their specifications and associated meters.
  • When a work order specifies both an asset and a location, the Asset and location history page displays any closed and completed work orders for the asset and for the location.
  • Related records now show the record class.
  • The asset or location of a task is now displayed when the parent work order has a different asset or location.
  • In the Defects function, you can now view confidence scores to suggest how close the detected anomalies are to a defect. You can also select one or more anomalies and use the new menu with options such as change the category, show, hide, and delete the anomalies.*
**This enhancement is available only to IBM Maximo Civil Infrastructure customers.
  • You can now review an inspection and update it before the inspection is completed. Use the system property to set a review status between the in progress and complete
  • You can now see whether a field was hidden or visible when an inspector completed an inspection form
  • You can group inspections to report them as a batch and can open and preview an inspection without starting it.
  • You can search for questions or groups of questions and jump to that part of the inspection form.
New! Work orders Assets Inventory Receiving Service requests
A short overview tour of the navigator is available to help new users get started with the app.
  • In the work log, you can now expand the Note field to add a summary for your note. You can also add much longer notes than before.
  • As you complete the tasks on a work order, you can record observations and measurements.
  • You can include comments when you report failures so that you can better describe the details.
  • You can now view classifications on a work order.
You can now create and edit assets in the app and change the status of the asset.
In the Inventory Receiving function, storeroom clerks can receive materials from purchase orders. As part of the receiving activity, the storeroom clerk can inspect and return items and view or void receipts.
Creating service requests is improved in this release. You can select a location by searching, and the Asset page has a better layout and search option.

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